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5K & Cosplay!

Posted by on May 4, 2015

Happy Monday!

I’ve survived my first 5K! It was fun, but now I’m paying for it. Ha! The kiddos so wanted to run with me, so I may have to run–I mean walk/jog another. Although, all that color dust was killing my lungs, maybe they’ll settle for a bubble run?


In other exciting news…. I am going to Realm Makers this August!!! I’ll finally get to meet some of my writerly peeps who I’ve only interacted with online, and I look forward to meeting new ones! (Even if I am an introvert. Ha!) There’ll be classes, workshops, and an awards dinner, which means I need to figure out a costume! So many possibilities…but what???

Who would YOU dress up like?

Have a great rest of the week!

15 Responses to 5K & Cosplay!

  1. Kim Cleary

    I have a yearning to dress up as the ice queen!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      That would be awesome! Would you do Queen Elsa or the White Witch of Narnia or some other version of the ice queen?

  2. The Artist Librarian

    I never thought about the dust! I know that my instructors warned us about dust when working with chalk pastels –but some of my friends have done color runs and it looks like they’re getting popular … I’m sure your kids would have loved participating.

    I know authors will sometimes cosplay one of their characters … or choose a character that inspired you? Because of the time and cost, I normally will only costume characters I love or that I really love their outfit/costume design, but I always have to like the character. If you need some help, feel free to message me once you have a character in mind and I might be able to give you some ideas!

    My big summer project is to update my costuming list and do some in progress blogging about my cosplays: Though there is a Star Wars/Disney Princess group for a local convention later this summer that I want to participate in (if I do, it’ll be my first mash up design)! =)

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by! The color dust was made with corn starch, but it still messed with my lungs. It was a lot of fun, and we might do something similar again for the sake of the kids, since they are still asking about it.

      I have thought about doing one of my characters, but the time and cost involved will definitely be a determining factor. Thanks for the offer to help! And you have a cool line up of costumes on your blog. Do you have pictures of the finished costumes? I had actually thought about going as Twilight Sparkle, Equestria girl. Ha! And I do hope to go to a convention this year. I will be brainstorming and exploring different options. We shall see!

      • The Artist Librarian

        I figured it would have to be a “safe” material … Colored corn starch. Who would have thought? =)

        I have pictures of varying quality for most of them –just have to find time to update my blog. 😉 I have some in-progress stuff on my FB page, but I normally don’t use my mobile device to take photos of my finished costumes, so they’re usually stuck on my computer, haha:

        For Twilight Sparkle, I got a white blouse at a thrift store and used rit dye to color. I make the skirt, and bought purple legwarmers (at the same store) and added the pattern detail with yarn/knitting. =) Thrift stores are your friends!

        • J.L. Mbewe

          Hey! Thanks for sharing the link! Your Astrid costume was amazing! Thrift stores are awesome! I will most likely be visiting them in the near future. 🙂

  3. Jenelle Leanne

    Ooh, fun! I’ve never been to a writer convention thing, and it sounds both fun and extremely overwhelming (very introvert here – though not as much as I used to be… having extraverted children helps). You’ll have to write all about it!

    I would probably go as someone from Lord of the Rings… because… cloaks. And these:

    • J.L. Mbewe

      I will definitely have to write about it! Cloaks and swords are awesome! And I love those elven ears!!! I would be so torn between LOTR or Pirates of the Caribbean or something from my stories, but cost and time will be a factor. So we shall see what I come up with!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Jenelle Leanne

        Ooh, I went to Fall Festival last year as a pirate and I think the entire costume cost me about $10-$15. (I used a lot of stuff from my own wardrobe). Black leggings, knee high black boots, a long sleeved white t-shirt with kind of frayed sleeves.

        I bought one of these:

        And then I bought about a yard of random pinkish/lavender colored fabric that was on major sale (it was kind of stretchy and bunchy, I cut off a bit to make a “handkerchief” to wrap around my head/ponytail, and then I used the rest to wrap around my waist (at sort of an angle so it looked like an uneven skirt (tucked it into the belt thingy) and voila! A pirate maiden costume that didn’t break the bank. Got a lot of compliments on it, too.

        • J.L. Mbewe

          oh, so many awesome possibilities! Thanks for sharing! I do have a really cool musketeer hat with a large plume that could easily be a pirate’s hat. 🙂

    • The Artist Librarian

      OMGoodness, I love those! Thanks for sharing. =)

  4. DJ Edwardson

    Congrats on finishing the race! That is a very memorable looking photo!

    Realm Makers sounds so cool. I will have to circle that one down for some time in the future. Or maybe I’ll make use my time travel device and go to this year’s…in the future!

    Seriously, it sounds like a wonderful, very enriching experience. Can’t wait to hear all the details after the fact.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thanks DJ!

      I do hope you can make a Realm Makers conference in the future! I will definitely share about it when I get back. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Allison

    Congratulations on the 5K! They are SO HARD! : D (That is not sarcasm! I feel your pain!)

    I confess, I’ve never actually done cosplay. It’s an experience I have to check off the list soon, or they might revoke my fantasy-lover card. D :

    • J.L. Mbewe

      haha! I hear you Allison! I confess, I’m kind of new to it as well. 🙂

      While I was training for the 5K, the ground was pretty level…the one we ran had some rolling hills. I blame the hills! Ha! But it was good. Thanks for stopping by!

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