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A Feast Fit For A Merking

Posted by on December 1, 2014

mermaid at sunset (800x450)

Happy Monday!

The family and I had a quiet Thanksgiving week here. My son was home from school and I hardly did anything for the first couple of days. Talk about burnt out.

But I’ve been editing.

Seven chapters left! I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I shouldn’t get too excited, because it might be a train. Ha! I still have to go back through and make sure all the changes flow and insert a new scene or two. But progress feels so good, even if it’s slower than I would like.

So here’s the deal. I’ve taken a break from editing to drop by and ask you all for some help.


You see, I’ve left Ayianna and her companions at a special luncheon, compliments of the king of the merpeople. Although, he isn’t in attendance as he is much too busy dealing with dragons and most likely making plans to join the Alliance.

So here are Ayianna and others, sitting down to a meal together, and I realized that boiled crab and kelp soup was quite boring. They have endured much hardship, traversing mountains and jungles and such, and I think that a feast is in order. Simple, though, and private. And just maybe the king might join them, but don’t get your hopes up. He is a very busy merking.

So what do you think the king of the merpeople would serve his guests?

Do you have a favorite seafood recipe? Please share! And I will pick one or two dishes to add to their special luncheon. Courtesy of the merking, of course.

Now, I must get back to my edits!

Have a great rest of the week!

8 Responses to A Feast Fit For A Merking

  1. Rachael Liankatawa

    Oooh sounds interesting…so I’m guessing your merpeople are not vegetarians. We eat seafood a lot in Thailand… One of my favorites is Tom Yum, a sour and spicy fish soup with lemongrass, lime, sometimes served with shrimp instead of fish. Simple but delicious.

  2. Kessie

    Why not sushi? The mix of land-food (expensive to mers!) and ocean food would be designed to impress. Also, what if they served some things hot that are usually not, like the drinking water and the wine? What if they had a fermented fish or roe sauce they ate on everything? I’m also thinking of rare fish species, like those giant goldfish they caught off the coast of CA earlier in the fall (I forget the name, but they’re huge, delicious, and don’t swim in schools). Oh, and don’t forget calamari! You got to have a few tentacles in the soup somewhere.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Kessie, yes! I have sushi, but I wonder if I need to call it something else? I might have to go to a seafood restaurant for ideas. I don’t eat much seafood, so ideas kind of escape me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. sparksofember

    Mussels! I don’t eat them but they are a rare treat for my hubby. He also loves lobster but would merfolk be boiling foods or eating them raw? The only seafood we tend to eat at home is Parmesan/breadcrumb crusted Tilapia but that doesn’t sound very merfolk-ish. Oh – how about sea urchins? I thought it a little gross the way they were eaten in The Hundred Foot Journey but it fits what I picture of merpeople.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Sounds good! I will have to look into mussels and sea urchins. The merfolk live both above ground and underwater. But that’s a good question! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Jenelle Leanne

    hmmm, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help, as I’m not much for seafood. Actually, the only “seafood” I actually like is tuna fish… LOL

I love hearing from you!

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