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Posted by on October 23, 2013

The paperback of The Tales of Nälu: Volume One and Secrets Kept will be here soon! And I wanted to give you all a glimpse at the acknowledgements.  For I echo others, it takes a village to raise a book. Ha! So without further ado:

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Tales of Nälu
Desert Rose
Dragon Thief

Many thanks to Pauline at AltWit Press for taking a chance on my stories and giving them wings and letting me share in the publishing experience. It’s been one wild year. Looking forward to Secrets Kept, and all that God has in store for the AltWit family.

To the critters in the Sandbox, who inspired me to tackle short stories and then proceeded to rip them apart. For that, I am forever grateful.

A big thank you to Debbie & Lori this past year for allowing me to camp at their house and use their Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it would have been a very quiet summer.

I suppose I can’t get away with saving my thanks for my husband, who has been a constant support on my journey. Without him, I wouldn’t have grown wings. Nikukonda mwamuna wanga.

And a special thanks to Anne Elisabeth Stengl for supporting indie authors like me, and through whom, I’ve met some awesome Goldstone Imps.

It can be said, it takes a village to raise a book. Ha! I have many to acknowledge on my journey to publication, but I will save them for Secrets Kept.


Secrets Kept

I will be forever grateful to the following:

James for your constant support and belief in me.

Mom for making me take keyboarding back in the day, instead of the art class I wanted.

Dad for introducing me to the world of fantasy.

Jennifer for my second childhood and the many afternoons spent reading the story out loud.

Preston, what can I say, thank you for your input and humor, even if you did move to the other side of the world, and back again.

My first critique group: Mike, Kassy, Kymberly, Chris, Kristen. For all the input, critiques and laughs. Miss you guys.

To my early readers: Ben, Rachael, Jo, and Hannah: Thank you all for reading and your input.

To Becky Minor for a manuscript swap and for the helpful critiques.

To Lynn, Bethany, and Kessie, who gave me more insight to what I was doing wrong. Ha!

And I have to repeat my thanks to Pauline and everyone at AltWit Press for taking a chance on my writing. Thank you for all your hard work and input on bringing SK to light.

To the readers who have picked up the short stories and are eagerly waiting to find out what happens next. You encourage me. Thank you!

I can’t thank Anne Elisabeth Stengl enough for her support. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, blessed beyond belief. Thank you!

To #mywana tweeps, you guys rock. I’ve learned so much from y’all this past year, my head is still spinning!

And to God. Thank you. This long journey all started with the question: “What are you doing with what I gave you?” The answer: Writing. This is it. Ten years in the making. Hope you all enjoy it!

Now go have an adventure!




I love hearing from you!

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