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An Update

Posted by on June 30, 2014

Happy Monday y’all!

Wow, where has this year gone! We are already half way through and not as far as long as I would have hoped to be. You know, kids, hubby, life…BUT I am managing to stay atop the herculean task of laundry, dishes, and cooking. Just don’t look too close at my floors. I do vacuum, I promise! Well, my son does. 😉

And transition from school to summer has been mostly flawless.

Twenty minutes of sanity!
And yeah, they are sitting in baskets for their “read to self”.
Just ignore the mess.



We’ve been continuing my son’s “daily five” here in the mornings, more about that in We Made It! post. But must.keep.going. ha! So tempted to just be lazy and sleep in. Ha!

We had a friend and her son here for a week. We played Candy Land, Life, and in the kiddie pool. We went to the zoo and then a torrential downpour crashed our pizza picnic. And we just got back from a wedding in Houston. Crazy busy month! I wonder if we ever figure out how to juggle everything and live a balanced life when we are thrown curve balls and the number of balls change, ya know?

But now, I am back in the saddle. I have received the edits for Darkened Hope, and I am very excited to dig in. But, boy, do I have my work cut out for me. I wish I could give y’all some dates, but it is a bit soon for that. We shall see!

That said, I will be limiting my time on social media and focusing on DH edits this month. And short story #5 will be put on hold. First things first, ya know. 🙂

Have a great rest of the week!

2 Responses to An Update

  1. Jenelle Leanne

    Vacuum? What is this strange word you use?

    Just kidding… sorta.


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