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Author Archives: J.L. Mbewe

Spotlight: Book Pourri

Happy Monday! I love homemade items and supporting others in their creative endeavors. So when a good friend, a fellow writer and book nerd began making book-inspired perfume oils, I had to share these with you guys. I am so excited for her. She sent me a few samples. And they arrived by Owl Post, … Continue reading »

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Cover Reveal: Black Blood

Happy Tuesday! Today, I am excited to be part of S. D. Grimm’s cover reveal of the third and final installment of her Children of the Blood Moon trilogy. So without further ado: So what do you think? All I gotta say is: PEGASUS!!!!! 😮 Although, you’ll have to wait until January 2019, but it … Continue reading »

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Plot Twists in Real Life

Plot twists in real life can suck, but they sure make a good story, don’t they? Even in fiction. Sometimes the road we must walk is not the path we would have chosen. A steep curve, a broken bridge, muddy ditches, an edge of a cliff. It doesn’t matter what makes us face those points … Continue reading »

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Worldbuilding: Victorian Life

Happy Wednesday fellow adventurers! The days are flying past me as life barrels toward an inevitable train-wreck. I’m doing my best to prepare for the collision, but we never can, can we? 19 days people!! I’ll be back at work, returning to my 5am wake-up call, and doing my best to juggle what I cannot. … Continue reading »

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Buried Lives

Life has a way of burying us. Layers of dirt and grime, fear and hurt, disappointment and lies, silencing our voices and confining ourselves to a box until we forget who we are. If we aren’t careful, those layers will eventually kill us. Because when life buries us alive and silences our voices, we self-destruct. … Continue reading »

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Book Review: The Story Peddler

Happy Monday! This past month we’ve been reading The Story Peddler by Lindsay A. Franklin in Spec Haven, our Facebook group for lovers of speculative fiction. There is a special nugget of wisdom hidden within these pages that really spoke to me that I will share later this month. But for now, the story. THE STORY PEDDLER … Continue reading »

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Progress Report

Greetings fellow adventurers! I am happy to report that Curse Bound is off to the editor! Commence nail biting and the onset of paralysis of the brain. You see. As I write this, I’m thinking about this week, this new month, and what to do next. I have so many major projects I wish to … Continue reading »

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Blog Tour: Electrical Menagerie

Welcome! When I saw this cover and discovered such a unique story world, I jumped at the chance to participate in this book tour. Today, Mollie E. Reeder has stopped by to share a glimpse of her story with us. So without further ado, please welcome, Ms. Reeder! *** Ladies and gentlemen, children of all … Continue reading »

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Happy Monday! Wow, two posts in one month? Yep. I am doing my best to pop in and say hi on a regular basis. It gets rather secluded and quiet as a writer. Left by myself too long, the voices start getting louder and it gets harder to think! Ha! And I miss you all! … Continue reading »

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Spring Cleaning Writer Challenge

Happy Monday! It’s definitely time for some spring cleaning around here. So when DJ Edwardson tagged me in this Spring Cleaning Writer Tag Challenge, I thought it the perfect opportunity to let you all know how things are going here, especially regarding Curse Bound. 1. Dust bunnies and plot bunnies: Reorganize your writing goals or … Continue reading »

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