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Back to School YA Blog Hop

Posted by on September 25, 2013

It bears repeating: This is my favorite time of the year. Cooler temps, the color changes (back home in MN anyways), AND back to school! I love going back-to-school shopping. And for the longest, I’ve been too old or out of college to participate. I’d lurk by the aisles of paper, notebooks, markers, pens, etc and revel in all their potential. Now, I’ve got a preschooler, and you can bet I was in the aisles in a heartbeat.

That said, how could I not participate in a back-to-school themed blog hop?

back to school

One lucky winner will walk away with ecopies of:

The Silent Swan by Lex Keating



The Earth Painter by Melissa Tuner Lee



Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach.

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18 Responses to Back to School YA Blog Hop

  1. Kathy O

    I love the fall with the cool weather and colorful trees

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Kathy, are you one of the lucky to live in the part of the country where the trees explode with color every autumn? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amber M

    My favorite time of the year is fall. I love watching the leaves on the trees change color. The change in the air and the change the colder weather reminds me that no matter what is happening to me, I can always count on the never-changing nature of God.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Amber! I hadn’t thought about it like that before, thanks for sharing!

  3. sarahtps

    My favorite time of year . . . hmm. I love flowers in spring and long, lazy days in summer, and the crisp coolness of fall. But I guess my favorite time of year is probably the November-December time frame. NaNoWriMo, a birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all put together for (very busy) loveliness.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Yes, and all those goodies that are only served during those times! Thanks for stopping by and sharing Sarah!

  4. Meghan Stith

    Probably Christmas time. I like seeing family and having all of the fun things that go along with Christmas.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Meghan! Christmas does have a soft spot in my heart too for those reasons and all the yummy goodies prepared for the get togethers. I love giving gifts too, probably why I’m addicted to these blog hop giveaways. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Rebecca

    Winter! I absolutely love winter

  6. Jessica D

    Winter is my favorite time of year. It probably has to do with the fact that both Christmas and my birthday fall during the season

    • J.L. Mbewe

      I think winter would be my second favorite. 😉 Love the first snow fall!

  7. Cindi

    Fall. I have proclaimed my love for Fall since I was little. The weather is perfect–not too hot or cold–the pretty new fall clothes are out in stores, Halloween is here and my brother in law makes the best Buttery Nipple Shots!! Woo hoo!!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Cindi! And all the yummy goodness that comes with this time of the year! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ariel

    I would say Fall because the weather is perfect, and it’s super pretty when the leaves change colors. Spring is pretty nice too, but then I think of all the bugs that come out, and I’m just like ew.

  9. Tammy Cordell Hudson

    I love Fall always have. The beautiful colored trees.

  10. bn100


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