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Brag on your library!

Posted by on June 22, 2015

I have a confession to make.

It’s been months since I stepped foot into our local library. How can that be??? We’re usually there at least once, if not twice a month during the school year and once a week during the summer. I don’t know if life is getting busier or if I’m losing my grip on reality. I even had to PUSH myself to get out of the house last week for the sake of the kids. But I did it! We went to the library and it was nice. Kids had a nice little sing-a-long, story-time, and craft, and we checked out books, some movies, AND reserved the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe audiobook. Not sure if my kids are old enough yet, but we’ll see! And I was reminded how awesome our little library is.

brag library

Like many others, our library does a summer reading program. This year’s theme. Super Heroes! So fitting since my son is OBSESSED with Underdog at the moment. There will be puppet shows, snakes, and sciency stuff, LEGOS and a huge beach party in August with prizes and opportunities to earn free books.

But new this year, I think, is a their teen reading program. Oh my goodness! They get to make their own candy sushi, have a Splatoon color war, Mario Kart/Just Dance competitions, Sidewalk Graffiti, a Library LOCK-IN, where there will live streaming with authors and games. AND a fandom jeopardy style game to see who knows their fandoms the best. Can I come???

So now it’s your turn. Brag on your library. What cool things has it done, or is doing for the local community this summer? Be sure and let them know how awesome they are!

Have a great week!

10 Responses to Brag on your library!

  1. Jenelle Schmidt

    Our summer reading program is super hero themed, too!

    I love our library and library system. None of the libraries around here are huge, but there’s like 20 of them, and the online requesting and renewing of books is super awesome. Also, they have tons of programs for kiddos and the summer reading program includes non-readers in a very sweet way (my 3 year old gets stickers for bringing her bag to the library, telling a librarian about a book she loves, and for going to one of the “programs,” and they get the special weekly prize just for checking out 3 or more books).

  2. Kessie

    My kids are a bit too young for the summer reading program, and I also have commitment issues–not sure we can actually make it every week. But yeah, similar sorts of activities. There’s so many kids in the program, the juvie fiction section was almost empty. I was shocked. Maybe next year we’ll try it?

    • J.L. Mbewe

      I’ve been doing the program for several years now, and my oldest is only 6. The library encourages us to read to our little ones and count them toward the free books during the summer program. Not that I’ve finished each year, probably 2 out of 4 years, we actually completed the forms to earn the books. And I know for us we do not always make it to the programs every week, but pick and choose what the kids might like. The juvie section being empty…that is a good thing, right? All those books out, means people are reading!! Not so fun if you are looking for a book to read. 🙂 Maybe next year! Hope you like it!

  3. L. E. Carmichael

    Not sure what our library is getting up to this summer, but they have a brand new chrome and glass building that was designed to look like an asymmetrical stack of books – so cool from the outside! It’s also glorious inside. Clean and white and full of natural light. So inviting.

  4. parentingauthor

    I work at a library in Florida, and we’re also doing the summer reading national theme of “Every Hero Has a Story.” We had a fabulous kick-off party with “local heroes” like firefighters and police officers. Children, teens and adults can all sign up to read books, and we’re giving away great prizes likes toys (kids), gift cards (tweens/teens) and a Kindle Fire (adults). We have lots of events throughout the summer and will end the season with a Harry Potter marathon when we’re watching all 8 movies over 4 days and having a costume party! All staff has been wearing superhero capes and t-shirts. Summers are great at the library!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      I love that so many libraries are doing a national theme together. That is so cool! Your library sounds amazing! Superhero capes and t-shirts? That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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