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Spring Cleaning Writer Challenge

Happy Monday! It’s definitely time for some spring cleaning around here. So when DJ Edwardson tagged me in this Spring Cleaning Writer Tag Challenge, I thought it the perfect opportunity to let you all know how things are going here, especially regarding Curse Bound. 1. Dust bunnies and plot bunnies: Reorganize your writing goals or … Continue reading »

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Minnesota at Heart

Greetings fellow adventurers! How has your summer been? (If you’re in the western/northern hemisphere.) We just got back from our trip to Minnesota. And what a trip! It was lovely! All. that. water! So much green. So many trees. And the rocks! Although I was very disappointed that the northern roads where my parents live … Continue reading »

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Progress Report

Greeting fellow adventurers! This month has flown by! We are packing for our trip to Minnesota as I pound out my word count for this month and get last minute things done around here before we leave. It’s been four years since I’ve been home. During the next couple of weeks I won’t be around … Continue reading »

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Updates & Camp NaNo!

Greetings fellow adventurers! Before we dive into updates and all, have you nominated the best of the best in fantasy? You can find the original post here along with the links to all the other award nomination posts as well. The nominations will close this Friday, July 1st. And as I write this, Edmond from … Continue reading »

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Post Launch Thanks

Happy Wednesday! May was a crazy, amazing month. We launched Darkened Hope out into the world and celebrated online and offline. I am so thankful for everyone who helped me make it a success! To everyone who shared about the book’s release and the giveaways, thank you! And thank you, my fellow adventurers who went … Continue reading »

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Darkened Hope: Interrupted

Greetings fellow adventurers! How was your weekend? Mine? A little eventful. A tornado passed near our house Friday night and we were without electricity the rest of the night and on into Saturday. Nothing like nature and no power to rearrange your priorities and mess with to-do lists and deadlines, right? But hey, we grilled … Continue reading »

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Goodbye 2015

Greetings fellow adventurers! Sometimes adventuring kicks our butt. Physically. Mentally. What have you. Needless to say, we keep pressing on, right? That’s what makes us adventurers in this vast crazy thing called life. And I’m over here trying to live a life balanced between reality and dreams. Do we ever find balance? Or perhaps I … Continue reading »

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Mid-Month NaNo Report

Happy Belated Monday Tuesday Wednesday! Well, we are one two days a week and a half beyond the halfway mark with my feeble attempt at a novella during National Novel Writing Month, and I’m not doing so well. Nowhere NEAR the 25,000 40,000 words I should be at, but I knew this story was going … Continue reading »

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NaNoWriMo & Over-Committing

Greetings fellow adventurers! What a crazy month this has been?   Facebook Party. Done. Amazing. Prizes mailed out! Goodreads Giveaway. Ends October 31st! Revealed the C.O.R. Eep! Chomping through Darkened Hope. DONE. But it’s off to one more beta reader and then one more pass before sending it to my editor! Eep! Deadline December 1st! … Continue reading »

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Hello New Car!

Goodbye Mono. Two weeks ago my hubby’s car was totaled. He was, is fine. So no worries! We were down to one car and you know what? I felt relieved. Crazy right? It was an introvert’s dream. Ha! BUT after two weeks of walking to get my son from school. In Texas. On the cusp … Continue reading »

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