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Posted by on June 21, 2013
holyclothing bella gown

Bella Gown in Shade Green Jade

I love costumes. One of the reasons I wanted to be an actress when I was a kid was because I wanted to wear all those cool outfits and not have someone take me away to the funny farm. So I love it when I find clothes that bridge the gap between what is considered socially acceptable and a work of art.

Take for example. Beautiful stuff. One of these days I’m looking to buy a dress like this one. Isn’t it gorgeous? I just hope it looks just as good on me as it does on the model. Doubtful. Thus the hesitancy.

But back to costumes. So there’s this THING coming up in August, Realm Makers, not that I will be able to go, but one can still hope right? Or perhaps I can find a convention a little closer to home. But awhile ago the future attendees were talking about the costumes they would wear, and it has me thinking what would I wear.

You see, I’ve got this little thing coming up this fall. A book release party AND costume contest, maybe?! I probably don’t have the guts to pull it off.  See, I’m a closet geek…maybe because I haven’t discovered my true self (not that I’m done either) until now at 30 some odd years, but that’s a whole other story. My friends might disagree, but one thing is true, I’m a little off.

So as much as I love costumes, can you believe I don’t have one for myself? Now, don’t get me wrong. I have tons of costumes in my drama box. Just ask the teenagers who have borrowed them over and over for a fun game crossed between musical chairs & hot potato for their birthday parties. But I do have a hat. A pirate hat. Or a musketeer hat. Depending on the day. I think it’s high time for my very own costume. Although, I wouldn’t mind a couple of shirts/dresses from HolyClothing to add to my daily wear wardrobe. 🙂

So what say you? Do you wear costumes? If so, where do you find them? Or do you make them? If you have some favorite, tried and true sites about costumes and period clothes, please share them in the links!

By the way, Tor, had this awesome article on armor: It’s Time to Retire “Boob Plate” Armor. Because It Would Kill You. Ha! Makes me wonder how much of our period costumes are accurate. 😉

11 Responses to Costumes!

  1. Aaron DeMott

    I have Jedi robes I wear whenever I have a good excuse (the wool cloak is great for any cold weather) and a “robin hood”-type outfit that I wear to the Ren Fair. Also, if I put my cloak on over that, and grab my wizard hat, BAM! I’m a wizard!

    As for wear I got them, my wife and mom made them for me.

    • jlmbewe

      That’s awesome Aaron! I’ve got tons of fabric, I’m thinking of making something, just not sure yet. Maybe something simple, like a cloak. 🙂

  2. pastorgeorgemcvey

    I admit to being a geek as well but there is nothing “closet” like in my geekdom. I have had several costumes in the past. Pirate, Cowboy, Biblical, Pickpoketing hobo (That one was for a play and associated advertising skits at church). At present I have no costumes but am trying to piece together an authentic Mountaineer costume for book signings. I’ll let everyone see it once I get it finished.

    • jlmbewe

      That’s great Pastor George! I admire people being who they are. Looking forward to seeing your Mountaineer costume!

  3. Emerald Barnes

    That’s gorgeous! I’m not a costume person. I try to be for Halloween and such, but I usually end up changed after an hour. Lol But, that is a lovely gown. 🙂

    • jlmbewe

      Holyclothing has so many awesome clothes. The biggest thing with any kind of costume or clothes, is that it has to be comfortable! and probably practical too. ha!

  4. Michel King

    Yes! I love costumes and have an awesome seamstress friend who helps me a LOT (because I can’t sew a straight line to save my life). I guess it is a carry over from my dancing days, but I love to dress up. The clothes, the jewelry, the shoes, I love it!

    • jlmbewe

      Hi Michel! that is awesome! I like to think I can sew…ha! But I’m way too impatient to cut a straight line. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Anita K Wilson

    I have been wearing clothes from Holy Clothing for many years. They really appeal to girly-girl I keep hidden.

    • jlmbewe

      awesome! Are there other companies like them? I would love to have clothes like them, I just would like to try them on before I buy them. Thanks for sharing!

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