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Desmond’s Demise

Posted by on March 28, 2016

Greetings fellow adventurers!

Welcome to Desmond’s Demise. We have four creative ways Desmond is eliminated from the story. Please vote for your favorite and I will announce the winner on Friday. In case of a tie, I will pick a name from a hat. And in the case of one person winning both Desmond’s Demise and the Nälu Fan Board, a second runner-up will be chosen. Thank you all for participating!

So read, enjoy, and go vote!

***The Birthday Bash is still going on and there are still other ways for you to enter! Stop by the original post for more details!***



Duel to the Death

Desmond is pursued by Kael and Ayianna on foot. After a while they reach a giant waterfall. Kael insists on dueling with Desmond because of what he has done to Ayianna and her family. After dueling for what seems like hours (which has only been a few minutes,) Desmond finally falls of the cliff and dies drowning.



Project Runway: Nälu

This can’t be happening …

Ayianna stared at the letter again.

Dearest Ayianna,

I am sorry to leave so abruptly, but I have been called away on important business.  The producers of Project Runway have heard of my wares as ‘a draper of the finest silks and weaves’ and wish to feature me as the main fabric supplier for their debut season, Project Runway: Nälu.  The original show catapulted the Mood fabric store in New York City to world-wide fame on Earth.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for our future.  Stay with Vian and the rest of the party on the quest for now.  I will be back before you know it.


Thank Osaryn … Aiyanna smiled, “There is a God.”


Is there a god? 

Desmond cringed at the chaos and cacophony surrounding him.  Twelve of Nälu’s aspiring couture seamstresses, tailors, clothiers, and dressmakers ran amok among the fabric merchant’s wares.  A handful of producers and staff trailed closely behind them with their recording devices.  In the center of it all, Timuel, an elderly Zurial elf with snowy white hair and spectacles perched on his nose, calmly surveyed his young charges.  He kept glancing at a pocket watch and occasionally pointed directions to the designers, while giving advice such as, “Make it work,” in an accented tone.  Meanwhile, fashion designers scurried from bolt to bolt of fabric.  They pulled out yardage to closely inspect the material, then shoved them back or attempted to drag their finds to the cutting tables.

“I need 3 yards of this Shriisa Vaar silk!”

“Are there any other colors of Klovan mohair?  The dwarves create more neutrals than just these bland earth tones!”

“Watch out, coming through!” A slender young human male struggled to drag a bolt of wine-dyed suede and a bolt of elaborately embroidered green brocade.  “Five of the suede and eight of the green,” he breathlessly ordered.

Razi and his other employees were so overwhelmed that Desmond himself had to assist at the cutting table.  As he measured the fabric, he caught his breath as two female designers argued over a bolt of silver fabric.  The delicate material strained as they pulled it between them.

“Hand it over, I had it first!”

“You’re mistaken, darling.  I must have the entire bolt for my garment.”

“Just because I’m from Badara, doesn’t mean you can walk all over me …”

Desmond took a step toward the feuding fashionistas, “Um, that’s rare Kaleki silver, please be caref—”

“Five minutes remaining, designers! Please make your way to the cashier as soon as possible!” Timuel’s calm, firm voice barely pierced the squabbles as he walked around the space.

What have I gotten myself into?  A loud crash at the other end of the room drew Desmond’s gaze, but the skinny young tailor he was assisting snapped his fingers, bringing the draper’s attention back to him.  Desmond pinched his temples with his fingers.

This isn’t what I thought it would be … Desmond sighed.  Maybe he shouldn’t have left the quest and Ayianna after all.



Death by Shrimp

He chokes on a shrimp he is nibbling on. While gasping for breath, he missteps, and falls down the stairs.




My Not-So-Humble Opinion

In my not-so-humble opinion, this is long overdue.

Ayianna clings to my neck, her fingers buried in my silver coat. “Oh, Liam.”

Personally, I don’t understand why she is so upset. Desmond is, in my not-so-humble opinion, a conniving piece of filth. I almost don’t swallow a growl as I think of all the times he’s manipulated my precious Ayianna, all the times he’s torn her down. My lip curls before I can stop it.

While I would have liked to tear into him myself, I’m quite certain that Kael will do a fine job of it. Desmond and Kael are several feet away from us, and the two of them have already fallen to blows. They are dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

Kael lands a fine punch in Desmond’s stomach, but Desmond recovers quickly and slams into Kael’s midsection.

I hear a crack and stiffen. Broken ribs aren’t pleasant. I almost surge forward to aid Kael, but Ayianna has me in a death grip. Ah, well. Kael can hold his own. And he does. He and Desmond are on the ground now, Kael on top, landing blow after blow. I can see why Ayianna loves him so.

Kael gives a sharp cry and lurches back. There’s a knife in his side.

This time I do growl.

Desmond is on his feet, and now he’s got a sword. Every muscle tightens, and my hackles go up. I smell murder in the air.

Kael rips the knife out of his side. Yes, I definitely see why Ayianna loves him so.

Desmond is on him in an instant, but both are staggering from exhaustion. In my not-so-humble-opinion, the duel is epic.

Kael is on the defense. He ducks and dodges, seemingly oblivious to his wounds.

Desmond is brute and ruthless. Stabbing, lunging, slashing.

But then he stumbles.

Kael’s leg shoots out, and a kick to the chest sends Desmond stumbling back, right over the edge of the cliff.

Victory sweeps through me. If I had hands, I think I would clap. As it is, I howl for joy. Desmond is gone. Done. Finished. My Ayianna is safe at last.

Desmond has met his demise.




There you have it! Go vote and have a great rest of the week!

6 Responses to Desmond’s Demise

  1. Kessie

    It seems popular to go all Lion King and throw him off a cliff. I missed participating, or I would have had him get eaten by a dragon. 🙂

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Oh! I wish you could have participated! I would have loved to have seen what you would come up with, especially with your brand of wit and snarky banter. 😀

  2. Jenelle

    Oh, those are all fabulous! I’m gonna have to vote for #4 though (and I did) because it has all the elements that satisfy my soul’s need for Desmond’s demise (and I love that it is told through Liam’s eyes).

  3. Rosalie Valentine

    Oh, my goodness! I love these!! I had to go with #2! So wonderfully hilarious!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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