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Posted by on July 17, 2013

I was gearing up to read Heartless for the 3rd time in a read-along with Anne Elisabeth Stengl and the rest of the Goldstone Imps in 2012 when my friend shared this poem, and it resonated with me. If you’ve read my thoughts on the Dragon from the series and my own poem on Monday, then you will see why I just had to share this one with you all. So I asked, and he said yes!

by John Gray

I never had to do time, I was born in a cage.

I never shook the goat’s paw, he is born of my rage.

I’m a devil’s advocate, there’s always a war.

My head’s a battlefield; my inner demon, the whore.

Gotta be a tiger to look this dragon in the eye.

Then pray for your soul when the lies start to fly.

Made a deal with a warlock to remove this third eye stye.


“Fight fire with fire” as a young boy, I would say.

One hand I have left, not a fair trade anyday.

It was on a shrink couch my head first got laid.

But am I free of this hell?  Has the price been paid?


So morbid my dreams are, so distant my stare.

They say “twelve steps to freedom,” another demon ensnared.

“Keep coming back!” someday you’ll lose that glare.

So now I’m hitting my knees for my daily reprieve.

But lies fester inside as they try to deceive.

I read to find truth, mine eyes begin to see.

A red dragon in the mirror, all along, it was me.

I love hearing from you!

J.L Mbewe - Author