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Link Feast

Posted by on September 18, 2015

Happy Friday!

It’s time to bring back the Link Feast, where I share with you all the cool things I’ve come across in the past several weeks that I think you might be interested in like free books, giveaways, articles on life, dreams, art, and book stuff. So without further ado: Let the feasting begin!

Free Books!

Patrick W. Carr is gearing up for the launch of his upcoming novel, The Shock of Night, with the release of the novella, By Divine Right. For free! I loved A Cast of Stones, and his The Staff and Sword trilogy. So I am very curious about this next fantasy series. If you haven’t read A Cast of Stones, it’s also free!

Enclave Publishing, once Marcher Lord Press, still has a bunch of their books for free. I’ve listed them on a previous link feast, so check it out if you haven’t already. Keep an eye on the horizon. They have a new batch of books coming next month. Eep!

Something new from Jill Williamson! Author of By Darkness Hid (Also free!). Darkness Reigns is free for pre-order!

The god of the soil is furious. Volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, earthquakes–everything points to his unhappiness. At least this is what the people of Armania in the Five Realms believe.
Amidst the unsettling state of the world around them, the princes of Armania live their lives focused more on who will claim the throne after their sickly father, King Echad, dies. That is until Prince Wilek’s concubine turns up dead–beside her, a bloodied message that seems to have come from the mother realms.


Kat Heckenbach is celebrating the new cover of Finding Angel by giving away two copies!

Angel doesn’t remember her magical heritage…but it remembers her.
Magic and science collide when she embarks on a journey to her true home, and to herself.

Gillian Bronte Adams is giving away a copy of Orphan’s Song.

In a world woven by a melody and shattered by discord, a girl discovers that her song contains a far greater power than she could ever have imagined. A power that a ruthless soldier and his evil master seek to possess. A power that her guardian wants silenced.


Living Life

Oh so true… Super-normal things that make nervous people way more nervous. Anyone else feel my pain?

Balancing Dreams & Reality

Pursuing your dreams is challenging and outright confusing at times, so advice and guidance are needed and can be such a relief. Sometimes. Michael Hyatt shares that there are people you should never take advice from. And he suggests five things to do instead.

Something Special

Fellow Realm Maker and founder of Splickety Publishing Group, Ben Wolf is on a mission to let his kids know how much he loves them while providing other parents with the opportunity to do the same with their own children with his children’s book, I’d Punch a Lion in His Eye for You, where he goes on adventures with his son and has to save him from all sorts of predicaments involving animals like lions, sharks, and T-Rexes. Oh my! Check out his Kickstarter campaign for more information.



Terry Brooks shares his thoughts on the Shannara MTV series to come. I’m excited about it. Are you? Not that I watch much TV in the first place.

I grew up on Star Trek, thanks to my mom, and this article touched a soft spot. Why does Star Trek‘s Dr. McCoy wear a pinkie ring?

Just for Fun!

Being that time of the year with trees changing, cooler temps, and going back to school, Janeen Ippolito shares her top ten teachers in speculative fiction. Who are your favorite spec-fic teachers? Drop by and let her know.

Want to speak Geek? Zachary Totah has two cool posts on how best to speak and understand what friends in fantasy circles and science fiction circles are saying. From Princess Bride to Harry Potter to Star Wars to Hunger Games to Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings and more. Stop by and add your own favorite sayings.

Stop by the BuzzFeed to see the compiled list of tweets when “Twitter user @ABoredAuthor started the hashtag #VeryRealisticYA to affectionately lampoon fantastical plots in Young Adult fiction.”

Artsy stuff

A Welsh Church discovers amazing 15th century artwork behind layers and layers of lime wash. And there’s an awesome of painting of St. George fighting a dragon, saving a princess. Who said dragons aren’t real???

Have a great weekend!

8 Responses to Link Feast

  1. sparksofember

    Thanks for the heads up about the Jill Williamson book. I wouldn’t want to miss that!!
    The nervous people list is too funny. #8 with the cop is me to a T. The only thing that was missing is your spouse running 15 minutes late from work and not answering their phone so you are picturing the many scenarios of the accidents they must have been in and by the time they walk in the door with an out-of-battery phone, you’re in tears planning their funeral while also trying to decide if you should sell the house or stay where all the memories are. 😉

    I’m such a trekkie and I did not know about the pinkie-ring. So sweet! And I think it’s awesome Karl Urban continued the tradition. Now I have to share that with my mom & sister (they’re even bigger trekkies – members of the USS Montgomery Scott via Starfleet Command – aka trekkie club).

    I have long believed in dragons/dinosaurs.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      You’re welcome!!

      Oh my, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! (Hubby not answering phone/late for work.) And since I live so far from my family up in MN, whenever they call out of the blue, I’m the same way.

      I love it when people do something sentimental and private like what Kelly did. It’s so beautiful to me. I’ve been trying to get my hubby on the Star Trek wagon. I had even borrowed my parents’ movies years ago, but never got around to watching them. Except now, they are VHS tapes, and we no longer have a VHS player. Ha! We shall see. Not sure which movie I should start him on, though.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • sparksofember

        We have the same vhs pickle. I should try getting them converted to dvd sometime. My favorite movie was always the least popular one where they go back in time to the 90s. “Nu-clee-ur wessel!”

        • J.L. Mbewe

          That is my favorite one too!!! (I actually have that on DVD. ha!) I’ll have to convince my hubby to watch it one of these days. 🙂

  2. Zachary Totah

    Thanks for the linkbacks, Jennette. This is my first time on your blog, and I gotta say, nice job. 🙂

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thanks! Glad you like it! And you’re welcome! You’ve always got some awesome content on your site. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Bethany A. Jennings

    This was a fun feast! 😀 I totally relate to the nervous people post, hahaha. And I’m excited to see Jill Williamson has a new book out, and now I have to check out some of these other links… Thanks! 🙂

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