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Link Feast!

Posted by on January 29, 2016

Happy Friday!

Books & Stuff

Tethered World releases next Monday! Kind of reminds me of a little like Narnia meets Artemis Fowl meets Donita K. Paul’s DragonKeeper Chronicles. Fun story! And Heather L. L. FitzGerald will be celebrating it’s release with a Facebook Party.  Don’t want to miss it.

Teddi Deppner and her team have put together a Christian Spec-Fic Reader, where readers can find information about favorite authors, discover new ones, join discussions on anything speculative fiction, and more all in one place. Check it out!

GCurioiveaway for Curio by Evangeline Denmark. Three days left!

So this isn’t about a book, exactly, but it is a very cool article about wolves in fantasy. I had to share that, you know. Who is your favorite wolf in fantasy? Did Fantasy-Faction’s article, Top Ten Wolves in Fantasy, miss one?


Land Travel without Engines. I am all about quests, so you know this one caught my eye. A bit long, but oh so good, if you like this kind of stuff. Great resource for writers too!

Magic, Science, and Faith. Kat Heckenbach shares about her journey of creating the magic of Toch Island series with Janeen Ippolito.


Bob Ross is back! K. M. Carroll shares on her blog about her latest painting and the once again growing popularity of Bob Ross’s videos. I so want to get back into acrylic painting. Digital just isn’t the same.


Last week, I posted a pondering on FB: Does anyone consider themselves “normal”? Or is it just a lie??? And we had a great discussion. Chris Morris shared his new blog theme: Redefining Normal, and shared his story: The Thief of My Freedom and Dignity. Such a good look at living life balanced between reality and dreams, and the power of defining normal on our own terms. He’s also a CPA, and recently shared a great post on taxes: How the Most Interesting Accountant in the World Views Taxes. Fun take on this headache-inducing time of the year. 🙂

Some of us need help with our motivations and achieving our goals, and perhaps we like to turn to food for rewards, but that can be quite counterproductive if said goal is losing weight or eating healthy. New Author Fellowship has a great post on Star Wars, Rewards, and Temptation Bundling. I suck at incentives and would rather go for food rewards, but yeah, trying to be healthy and all. Ha!


That is it for today. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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