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Missed Opportunities

Posted by on August 19, 2013

Is there such a thing as missed opportunities?

Or did they never exist in the first place?

s like a hurricane

Years ago I met this incredible lady. So full of passion and art. She encouraged me in my own art and asked if I would be interested in joining her in some art projects. I wanted to, very badly.

But no.

I struggled with that no. Here I thought was a door, an opportunity. I wanted to get to know her better, to participate, to learn, to grow. But my path took me away. Was I missing an opportunity? Or was it not an opportunity to begin with if I wasn’t allowed to walk through that door? Or was that just a cop out? Over time and a few scattered phone calls and a visit here and there, but the no refused to budge.

So I kept going down my path. I could not will our paths to cross again. As much as I would have liked to get to know this amazing woman, the door closed. Was it really an opportunity if it never could have happened? Logic argued with feelings.

So I kept going. Maybe I harbored a sliver of hope that one day our paths would cross again. Someone who encouraged me to pursue my art again. Some who saw the value in trying, beginning, being, doing, living.

But no.

And now?

She has gone. Tonight we will remember her and her art, and the special place she had in so many people’s hearts.

6 Responses to Missed Opportunities

  1. llwroberts

    That is a tough question. I do think there are missed opportunities — but the only missed opportunity that really matters is the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. Rather than focus on what might have been, I would focus on what awaits when you meet her in heaven. I believe all the missed opportunities will be redeemed when there are no limitations on time — there is no time in heaven. There we will be able to travel the roads that were blocked here by lack of opportunity, poor choices, or sin. Part of the blessings of heaven will be in embracing all of the fullness of creativity and love. God will redeem what we missed here a thousand times over.

    So focus your eyes on Jesus Christ and thank Him anyway — for the road you didn’t take, for any missed opportunities, and for the glorious future that awaits you when you meet her in heaven. Praise God that His perfection will wipe away all that might have been for something even better — and that’s worth waiting for.

  2. Clara Darling

    I think that there can be missed opportunities. Someone can “miss” the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their Savior; and just as easily someone can “miss” the opportunity to lead a person to Him. It all boils down to choices that we make. If you make a choice, however, through prayer and much thought, I don’t believe that it would be a missed opportunity at all. If a choice is made through sincere prayer, I don’t believe that there can be any “missed opportunity”, because God always wants what’s best for us.

    Sorry…I kinda rambled on… 🙂

    • jlmbewe

      I agree there are missed opportunities, and those would be ones where we had the door open, but we chose to close it and go a different way. Right? Or would we not look upon them as such if we closed the door. But then only looking back would we determine they were missed or not. Perhaps, we’ll never know what could have been or might have been, but then many have wasted their precious lives in the present worrying over those things. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Diana Beebe

    So sorry to hear this. Even though she didn’t cross your path again, you can remember her–and the way she inspired and supported you.

    • jlmbewe

      Thanks Diana. You’re right. We went to the memorial service and it was good to remember her and her unique personality. 🙂

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