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My Precious

Posted by on October 12, 2013

Today, we are celebrating my son’s birthday. And I broke down and ordered him a cake instead of making him a homemade one. Juggling all these details with a book coming out, adjusting to a new routine, and well, just life, this make-everything-from-scratch mama is taking a break, and I’m going to enjoy his special day. Can’t wait to see his face! Last year I shared this on my old blog, and it seemed fitting to bring it on over today. So without further ado:

My Precious


Five years ago, I gave birth to my precious son. And yes, that is play on my precious… yes, friends, you know who you are! You see, for six years we had desired his arrival. Since we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, my hubby and I figured we’d start our family right away. Then a year passed, and another one. Pretty soon, I didn’t care if I ever had kids. It’s funny really, how I’ve come full circle. First I wanted to be a homemaker, that didn’t happen, then I was going to be a career woman, and then I got pregnant. Ha. But in that time my desire to be an author was rekindled.

My son’s name was long picked out before he was even thought of. Samueli. God has heard. (with a Zambian twist to it) When and if we ever got pregnant. Perfect right? Well, I wasn’t entirely certain about that name until I had watched Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time, but this time I was pregnant and fell in love with the name. Frodo and Sam in Mordor. You know the scene. Frodo can’t go on, and Sam is talking to him about the shire and strawberries. Then Sam hauls Frodo up and carries him. Sigh.

Happy Birthday my precious Sam!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

9 Responses to My Precious

  1. bmv9

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Emerald Barnes

    Aww!! Happy Birthday, Sam!! 🙂 I think you chose a great name!

  3. katsrus

    Happy Birthday Sam. So handsome. Have a great day!
    Sue B

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thanks Sue! It was a great day, the weather was just right, and then as soon as it was over, it rained. Perfect day. 🙂

  4. Kassandra Lamb

    You know he’s gonna get you one of these days for putting his baby picture up in the net. He is precious!!

  5. Diana Beebe

    So adorable. Happy birthday to your little Sam!

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