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Post Party Recuperation

Posted by on October 19, 2015

I really wanted to get this post out to you all at the usual time, but I was WIPED out from all the fun we had the at the Facebook Party. I’m still tired, but I’m pushing through.

First. For those who came: THANK YOU! It was AMAZING. I think I’m still lingering in the afterglow of it all. The party was awesome, because YOU made it awesome. I can’t thank you enough for coming, participating, and inviting your friends. Thank you!

For those of you who weren’t able to come. We missed you! And I’m thinking we will have to do this again! Perhaps when Darkened Hope releases, which should be SPRING 2016!

We revisited Secrets Kept and the short stories. I even made a Character Quiz!!! If you haven’t taken it yet, go do it and let us know which character you got! 😀

A Princess No More was free Saturday and Sunday, and made it to number #12 in the fantasy/sci-fi short stories. Whoot! THANK YOU to all who downloaded it. I hope you enjoy the story!!! I completely forgot to let you know that this short story introduces a character that we will meet in Darkened Hope AND will become a key figure in stories to come. If we get that far down the road. Ha!

We had a blast with our special guests: Morgan L. Busse and Ralene Burke! Morgan shared with us her latest book project she is working on! And Ralene is celebrating the release of her debut novella, Bellanok: The Reluctant Savior. 

And there were a couple of snippets and sneak peeks into Darkened Hope. Everyone’s speculations about the teaser scenes were awesome. You all had me laughing out loud. Some of you got pretty close…but I won’t be naming any names!

Wow, the event was going a mile a minute! I did my best to keep up with all the comments. I might have had too much content. Ha! Someone suggested doing it on my actual Facebook page next time. We shall see. I love that it is still there for your perusal and mine! So if you missed out, check out the event page!

When I’m feeling discouraged, I shall revisit and remember the fun we had. That evening, for one moment, I almost wished I had Parvin’s camera from A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes. The one that catches the emotion you’re feeling at the moment you take a picture. But then I remembered that also comes with a pin-prick as well. I think I’ll pass. Ha!

And for those who didn’t make it, I revealed the C.O.R. It is a closed group on Facebook. People can see the members, but not what we post inside. If you love my stories and would like to connect, discuss the books, and share the love of reading, just ask to join the group!

FB photo cover COR group

That pretty much wraps up a smidgen of the awesomeness that was Secrets Kept two-year celebration. Thank you for making it grand! And thank you for joining me on this adventure! Now to decide if I should push through the rest of the day or take a nap. Ha!

***Like to party and win some more prizes??? Don’t forget about Nadine Brandes’ Facebook Party! Tuesday, October 20th! And she is giving away a Kindle! ***

Have a great rest of the week!


I love hearing from you!

J.L Mbewe - Author