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Review: Broken Bargain

Posted by on January 29, 2014

The pre-release tour for Clare Davidson‘s upcoming novel, Broken Bargain, is in full swing with interviews, daily giveaways, and will be coming to an end this Friday. Stop by her blog and check out the line up! She is also giving away a copy on Goodsread!


I had the privilege of receiving an advanced reader copy. It was so good, I had read it all in one day and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you all. So without further ado:


When you know magic is real, complacency is not an option.

It’s a new school year and ten months since Kim’s sister died. She wants to forget about magic, rebuild her life and start fresh. But it’s not easy when she has to lie to everyone: her family, best friend, Sophie, and secretive new guy, AJ.

But when Sophie’s grandmother falls ill, Kim can’t help but notice the parallels to Charley’s death. Convinced she’s the only one who can help, Kim sets out to discover what’s really wrong with Sophie’s grandmother.




—My Review—

Clare Davidson has done it again!

First off, I was a little worried what I might find in Broken Bargain. In the end of Reaper’s Rhythm, we are left with an unrequited love. It is a great book, ended well, but I wasn’t sure how Kim’s relationship with Mathew would continue. I was nervous for a pending heartbreak in the future, but I was nervous for nothing!

Broken Bargain grabbed me from the beginning and didn’t let go until the end. Kim is off to a new year, new life and she’s got her best friend, Sophie, by her side. Right away we are introduced to the cute new guy, and I KNEW we were going to see more of him. Then Sophie gets a phone call, and Kim watches as her best friend’s life begins to unravel. But Kim cannot and will not stand aside, especially if she thinks magic might be involved.

Who doesn’t love a strong heroine? I’m like, where does this chick get the audacity to be herself? Ha! To not be swayed by other’s opinions, to think for herself, to be honest. Yet she isn’t all in your face with her strength either, and she might disagree if you think she is self-confident. She reminds me of another character I just finished reading about. Merlin. A quiet, determined strength. No matter what, Kim is true to herself, and because of that she definitely puts herself into some interesting situations.

I’m not big on high school settings with all the teenage drama, but we don’t have that here. Instead, we have a beautiful story of a girl coming of age and healing. It takes such great courage to tell it like it is. To write without compromise. To stare life and all its messiness in the face and keep going. To be real and to deal with real issues that so many people face, teens and adults alike. But this is what Clare Davidson does. I love her transparency in her writing. Like I mentioned in my review of Reaper’s Rhythm, these books handle real and challenging issues that many teens face such as suicide, sex, divorce and dealing with grief.

That said, I know I have a wide-range of readers on my blog,  so I want to take that into consideration  when I review and recommend books. I point these things out not to diminish the quality of the story, but rather to let parents know what they might expect if they are reviewing it for their teens. That said, in Broken Bargain, you’ll find some profanity and sexual content.

Overall, very satisfied with this story. It left me wishing to be included in the characters’ circle of friends and to just relish in the perfect ending. Five stars!

Don’t forget to check out the prerelease tour!

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  1. Clare Davidson

    Thank you so much!

  2. sparksofember

    This series sounds fascinating but I forgot to comment when I read your review & added all her books to my wishlist. And then I check Amazon today and Reaper’s Rhythm is free on Kindle today!

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