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Review: Storm Chase

Posted by on February 5, 2014

Alright y’all. Today, I’m checking off one of the books from my to-read list. Storm Chase by K. M. Carroll. So good. But before I share my thoughts about the book, I’ve got to tell you about the giveaway. Yep. You heard that right, I’m going to giveaway 3 Kindle copies, and I’ll draw the winner this Friday.


Carda Chase is the Strider of Chronos. But figuring out what that means may cost him his life. 

Struggling through high school in Phoenix, Arizona was hard enough, but now Carda’s hands are burning with magical fire and lightning. Worse, they affect time and space. Now all kinds of people want Carda dead, from a killer angel to the head of the extra-world Council. 

Fortunately he has allies—his twin sister Michelle manipulates gravity with dance. His rival Indal is secretly a time mage—until Carda accidentally turns him into a werewolf. There’s Ben, a black time-traveling lizard. And Xironi, a gorgeous catgirl with a growing crush on Carda. 

Together they face the most horrifying enemy of all—an inept mage with far too much power. This power unleashes a chaotic subspace storm that consumes worlds—and Earth is next on the menu. 

Young Adult fantasy, 12+

Available on Amazon for .99

Learn more about K. M. Carroll on her website/blog.


Carda Chase is a typical teen. Summer is almost near, and he needs to keep up his grades and find a job, but suddenly magic explodes from his hands, and he discovers someone is out to kill him. Never would he have guessed he’d land the biggest and most dangerous job as Strider of Chronos. Then enters gorgeous catgirl, the good-looking Indal, and a lizard that isn’t as he seems. Together, with Carda’s sister they must save their world and not flunk out of school on top of it.

Oh my. What an adventure!

I fell in love with Storm Chase back in the editing phase. I love the author’s voice and style. This was my third read through, and I still caught myself grinning at parts, especially the interactions of the characters’.

The characters just pop. I even “felt” for the antagonist as he made decisions after decisions that you knew were bad and watched as his deception grew worse.

The plot pulled me in and kept me on my toes. I felt we only got a slice of the pie here, a glimpse into a much bigger world, especially the part about Ben and the off planet council. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this series.

I’m not a big fan for modern settings, so sometimes I have to push myself to pick a book up that has it. Especially modern day high school. But I did not get that with this book. Perhaps because of the supernatural elements right a way along with the cat-girl and the other worlds, I was swept in. And the setting didn’t take place in a school. I’m sure the voice and style had a lot to do with it. And really the “setting” was really just a backdrop for all the awesome adventure and interactions among the characters. Of course the idea of worlds slipping, pinching, etc…wild. Yeah…loved it. I’ll stop there.


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  1. Kessie

    Awesome review!! I’m gonna tweet this for days. 🙂

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