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Secrets Kept Fun fact!

Posted by on June 8, 2015

Happy Monday!

gardenia bloomToday, I decided to share a fun fact with you all because my gardenias bloomed! They had been hit pretty hard last year with an ice storm, and we almost lost one of the bushes. And with the crazy weather this year, I was beginning to wonder if they would bloom at all. But they did. I just love their oh, so, yummy, soft fragrance. A little less this year since the one bush is only a branch with leaves at this time, but it did have a bloom! Honestly, though, up until we bought this house, I had no idea what gardenias were much less smelled like. Lotions and candles do not cut it.

I was reminded of the dream Ayianna had in Secrets Kept. After surviving the sand leeches of Zajur, Ayianna wakes up in Bonzapur from a dream. Here’s the excerpt:


AYIANNA STRETCHED, HER arms sore and heavy. On the edge of awareness, she burrowed deeper into the softness surrounding her and sought the oblivion of sleep again. An odd mix of happiness and grief followed her from her dreams and clung to her mind like veils of mist. What had she been dreaming?

She blinked away the sleep and sat up. The room spun. She doubled over and closed her eyes. In the darkness, the world righted itself, and she took a deep breath. She caught a familiar yet strange scent. The smell drew her back into her dreams.

She had been at a wedding, her wedding. She wore a midnight blue dress swathed in layers upon layers of palest pinks and purples. People stood in lines swirling and spiraling out to the edge of the large, sacred ring. Inside, she would find the sanctum, and there her beloved waited. Her heart rushed, but she would not.

She danced slowly through the circular lines of people. White flowers rained around her. She stood on her tiptoes and tried to catch a glimpse of her betrothed, but it was no use. The people’s arms waved and more flowers fell.

Her mother appeared and slipped a delicate, star-studded crown on her head. Beyond the rings of dancing people, her father and brother conversed. She called to them, but the clamor drowned out her voice. She continued to dance. She needed to find her beloved. Closer and closer she drew until at last she passed the last person and stepped into the inner sanctum.

Her beloved was not there.


The little white flowers, yep, you guessed it! Gardenias. 🙂 But the elves call them kolmsaayi. Now, I do love and enjoy many variety of flowers, but can you guess which ones are my favorite?

Have a great week!




4 Responses to Secrets Kept Fun fact!

  1. Kessie

    Very cool, working gardenias in like that! When I was a kid, we had a huge bush of them, trimmed nicely into a cube. It would get tons of flowers on it. 🙂

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thanks! A cube??? That would be cool. Since the freeze/ice messed mine up, I will have to think about reshaping them better this fall. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Allison Ruvidich

    This makes me so happy! We have a massive gardenia bush that always smells overwhelmingly beautiful. : D So cool the flowers made it into Secrets Kept!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Yea! Oh…how massive??? I would love to see how big they can get. We’ve kept ours trimmed. Gotta see out the front window. Ha! Thanks for stopping by!

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