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Candid with Candace: Surviving the Zombie Takeover

Posted by on July 13, 2016

Today, I am excited to welcome Candace Marshall. When I heard about the zombie outbreak in Acción, I figured it would be best to be prepared. And what better way than to learn from a survivor? So I invited Candace to join us and share her secrets. I mean, after all, she is the bravest, fiercest warrior, who singlehandedly stopped the zombie apocalypse.

 Isn’t that right, Candace?

Who, me? *Looks around* Gavin put you up to this, didn’t he? That little—he—I—ahem. No, I wouldn’t exactly call what I did bravery. More like screaming, running, crying—can we skip this part?

Zombie Takeover_Kindle editionOh. . . Well. . .  Nevertheless, you survived and that’s what counts, right? So how DID you find yourself in such predicament? And what is the likelihood we could be in the danger of a zombie outbreak? Were these zombies your typical zombies?

Well, it all started with my boyfriend (who I am not speaking to, btw). He bought me these tickets to prescreen this horrible, awful zombie movie. I don’t do scary. At all. Well, the dude in charge mentioned it would be interactive—interactive. What was my boyfriend thinking?—and I pretty much bolted. Turns out it didn’t matter. The prescreening group was actually a test group, the drug turned on them, and bam. Insta-zombies. Got my tour anyway. (Grumble, grumble…) Typical zombies? I don’t know…I avoid all things horror-related, so it’s all new to me.

Since the zombie outbreak in Acción was the result of an experiment gone bad, is it possible that the zombie effect could be reversed, or is it pretty much hopeless—kill or be killed—type of a situation? And is it contagious?

That’s what we’re leaving Acción to find out. I mean, the only other guy who survived long enough to fill us in seems to think it’s everywhere and everyone is going to turn. So not going to happen. Not if I have anything to do with it.

Well. As I have heard it said, better safe than sorry! Right? So let’s talk about defense. I read somewhere that we should wear a tinfoil hat. You know, to protect our brains from becoming zombie lunch. Or something like that. Is that true? Or is that alien abduction? What other types of protective gear would you recommend? Can zombies smell us out? What would be the safest location during a zombie apocalypse?

Hmmm…I haven’t heard that one, but I have to admit I hadn’t heard anything about zombies till just a few days ago. (Going to kill my boyfriend whenever I find him alive and well.) So I’m getting a crash course in screaming while Gavin shoots. It’s pretty awesome. (No, not really…) The bullets do nothing, whacking them only knocks them down for them to jump back up—okay, “ooze back up” might be a more apt description—thank goodness they’re slow. Gavin thinks they’re getting faster, but I refuse to believe it. No way. Just…no way.

Gavin? Is he your boyfriend?

Oh! So sorry! I guess I should attempt to untangle that mess. Peter is—was?—my boyfriend. He disappeared after the zombie attack, after we had the world’s biggest fight, so I don’t know if he was turned or managed to escape. (As angry as I am with him right now, I wouldn’t wish zombie status on anyone, not even my worst enemy. Which, you know, he may very well be right now…interactive tour? Really? Moving on…) Gavin…Gavin Bailey…sigh. He’s this movie star—also happens to be my favorite movie star—who also was at the prescreening. (Still trying to figure out why exactly. I mean, my town is so small no one’s ever heard of it. Why would Gavin Bailey visit? Seriously? Still reeling.) So apparently he can shoot and fight and escape zombies better than anyone else—he’s pretty much the only reason I’m alive right now. I owe him everything, and I’m doing my best not to go all fan girl on him. That would be so embarrassing.

Ah, of course! We wouldn’t want THAT to happen, now would we? Alright, so let’s talk about offense. Gavin must have a plan, right? What would you say would be the best weapon in a battle of the undead? Do we need to stake their hearts like vampires? Do they even have hearts? Shoot them with silver bullets?

Sigh. I keep asking Gavin this, and he keeps laughing at me. Apparently I get it wrong. Every. Single. Time. And each time he starts to tell me how to off them, we get attacked. I’m so over it. All of it. I just want my nice, normal, boring life. Is that too much to ask?

My, well, I hope he gets around to telling you before it’s too late. I mean…you know. *cough* So after this is all over and you survive the Zombie Takeover, because we must have a positive attitude about this, right? What will you do? What do you look forward to the most?

I’m going to hug my brother, never speak to Peter again (after I make sure he’s all right), and move as far away from Acción as I can get. I have a few dreams I pushed to the side for Peter, and I might actually pursue them now. Can’t be any scarier than zombies, right?

Right! Sounds like a good plan to me!

Thank you so much for interviewing me! It was such a nice break from the running and the fighting and the—(we’ll just skip that part). I hope the zombies stay far away from you!

Thank you! I hope so too! And thanks for taking time away from all the running and fighting to give us a few tips! Any departing thoughts or questions for the rest of civilization?

What about you? Has anyone else survived to read this? If you’ve escaped the zombies, what are your tips for survival? I could really use them!


And there you have it folks! Candace Marshal surviving the Zombie Takeover. Do you have any tips for her? She could really use them. I don’t believe I was very helpful, since zombies aren’t exactly my thing either. But I do have a few swords. That could be useful, right?



I was the bravest, fiercest warrior, singlehandedly stopping the zombie apocalypse and earning the respect and admiration of those who fought with me. Just kidding. I pretty much peed my pants and wasted a ton of ammo. At least everyone else shot what they were aiming at. Me? Not so much. This is my story—me, Candace Marshall, the world’s biggest scaredy-cat, facing my biggest fear. Zombies. It was awesome. (As in, not at all.) 

Candace Marshall hates zombie movies. She hates anything scary, in fact. In his usual, not-so-thoughtful way, her boyfriend surprises her with advanced screening tickets to the latest zombie flick, complete with interactive features and a tour. She refuses to watch it, but it doesn’t matter. Horror becomes reality when an experiment gone wrong transforms her peaceful town into a mess of slathering zombies. Thrown together with the only other survivor, Gavin Bailey, her favorite actor and secret crush, she somehow fights her way through the mess, making plenty of blunders and surprising herself with…courage? But, just when Candace thinks it can’t get worse than zombies, it does.


Author Head Shot MicheleMichele Israel Harper spends her days as a stay-at-home mom and her nights typing away furiously on her laptop. Sleep? Sometimes… A member of the Heartland Christian Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, as well as the treasurer for the Indiana chapter of ACFW, Michele has her bachelor’s degree in History and can most often be found with her nose in a book when not chasing her two rambunctious boys or cuddling her new baby daughter. Visit her website at to learn more about her.


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Thanks for joining us. Make sure you check out the rest of the book tour as well as the Facebook Party. The giveaways are sounding pretty epic BUT I can’t promise you they will be zombie free. Attend at your own risk! 

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8 Responses to Candid with Candace: Surviving the Zombie Takeover

  1. Michele Israel Harper

    Thank you so much for having me, er, I mean, Candace, on your blog today! This was so much fun!! 🙂

  2. Ralene Burke

    I’m really enjoying the book so far. Zombie movies/books are usually more gory than I like (says the woman addicted to The Walking Dead), but Zombie Takeover is probably the least gory one I’ve read. And Candace really reminds me of someone . . .

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Ralene! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you are enjoying the book. So…who DOES this Candace remind you of???

  3. sparksofember

    No zombie tips, sorry! But the story definitely sounds intriguing. Can’t believe I want to read a zombie book! 😉 I’ll try to check out the party tonight – Hubby has a job fair but hopefully I’ll be back for most of it!

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