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X is for eXiles

After Stygian was defeated, the Alliance formed the Council of Nations in the hopes that they would be able to govern all of Nälu in a manner most befitting the majority of the people and yet sensitive to the varying cultures represented. And to balance out the influence of the newly appointed guardians. Not everyone … Continue reading »

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W is for Weapons

In Secrets Kept, we have many common weapons such as swords, axes, halberds, daggers, bows and arrows, and such. And then we have dragons. The most prominent weapon is the Corrupted Dagger, also known as the Dagger of Raemoja, which we’ve learned about earlier in the series. Technically, it isn’t a weapon, but a tool … Continue reading »

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V is for Vituko

Vituko. The Shadow God of the Guardians. The eternal King of Zohar. Overseer of the Chai. He breathed the Yenzo Tanil to life and bestowed these gifts upon the first Guardian Circle. He shaped the worlds and sent them spinning. He spoke the silver threads into being that pour from Mount Himmel and flow into … Continue reading »

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T is for Thzaj Prophecy

The Thzaj Prophecy When the unholy union between Lord Stygian and the Queen of the Underworld was severed and the Perimeter was established, the Sacred Pearl gave Nälu a warning. In Secrets Kept, High Guardian Saeed believes the Sorceress seeks to fulfill the first part of the prophecy, but first she must find the dagger. … Continue reading »

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S is for Sacred Pearl

The Sacred Pearl In the course of edits, Secrets Kept lost the opening chapter where we catch a glimpse of the Sacred Pearl. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share that scene with you all one of these days. But later in the story, we learn that the Sacred Pearl was kidnapped during the attack on … Continue reading »

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R is for Ruwachs

Ruwachs. The fiery messengers of Zohar. Servants of Vituko, the Shadow God, and of Arius, the keeper of the keys and silver threads. Their bodies are like crystal and fire, fluid yet unyielding. They can take on any form they wish, but you will never find one without another. Some fear them, saying they are … Continue reading »

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Q is for Queen

The ever elusive Queen of the Underworld. She burrows tunnels through the underworld searching for a portal, a weakening of the barrier between the living and the dead. Scratching beneath the surface of the land, yearning to break through. Sometimes during the coldest days of winter, when all is quiet and the fabric between the … Continue reading »

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P is for Pauden

The Pauden are the giants of Nälu. They had once called the plains home, but that was long before Badara’s rise to power and even before the tyranny of Lord Stygian. They stand, on average, nine feet tall. Although, there’s been rumors of some reaching twelve feet. Their size made them easy targets for Stygian’s … Continue reading »

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N is for Nganjo

To the far north lies a land of mystery and the profane. Nganjo. A place where the barrier between the living and the dead is the thinnest. Where the vilest of creatures bred by Lord Stygian continue to survive. Where harpies and trolls thrive. This is their home. And they answer to Nach–the Harpy Lord. … Continue reading »

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M is for Manoa Stones

At the northern edge of Nälu, stands four pillars. Round orbs like giant pearls perch atop the pillars creating an invisible perimeter which holds back the evil that once poisoned the lives and lands of Nälu. Golden gryphons from Zohar are said to stand guard over the Manoa Stones. None who set eyes upon them … Continue reading »

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