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Taking a Break

Posted by on March 24, 2014

tornado life

Happy Monday y’all! I know. We all are dragging and slurping our choice of caffeine this morning. And I’m wondering if our drag comes from not taking a break.

I’m all about dreaming big, setting goals, making sacrifices, and going for it. And I’m all about encouraging you all to do the same. My dreams were reborn, and that just makes me want y’all to recognize your potential and begin dreaming again too!

See, I’ve been going at this writing thing for about eleven years. Step by each grueling step. And I’ve learned how to sacrifice. Maybe a little too much. And maybe some things I shouldn’t. Oh, don’t you worry none, my babies are well taken care of…and my hubby too…and my commitments. Life…reality…dreams…giving back…it’s all there. So what am I sacrificing? Me. Well, that and TV. I mean, my hubby appreciates when I shave my legs every once and awhile, but its winter! And what is easier to sacrifice than our own self-care?

We can become so focused on our goals and dreams, that we forget to live…sound familiar? Oh, there is much to glean from Harry Potter, I assure you!

The seasons of life fluctuate. And then BAM, life sucks us up like a tornado and spits us back out. We’re laid out on the concrete, wondering how did we get here? There’s no ruby red slippers or yellow brick road to find our way out. Only Dory’s voice interrupting our thoughts with “Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing…Just keep writing, working, writhing–oh, wait…

So here I am. Contemplating how to step back and take a break. I know my writing and creativity would be better for it. My brain might thank me after it accepted the inactivity and silenced the mass of worms protesting in my gut. I do find art, music, and creating stuff relaxing, refreshing sometimes. Maybe I’ll break out my guitar every once and awhile. Try to paint more…with purpose mind you, or I’ll end up with a black blob of nothingness. A spider, my little girl would call it. Ha! I’m not one to stop doing, but I’m trying! It’s all about balance. Living life balanced between reality and dreams. My motto.

I know I’m not the only one needing to remember to take a break, relax, refuel, refresh. Maybe we can hold each other accountable. So, for me, each week I am going to make a point to take a break. So this past Saturday, my hubby and I sat down and watched our first ever Doctor Who. Season one. Episode one. I know, I know…BUT I have not watched TV in forever. (I kind of have a love/hate relationship with TV.)

So what say you? What do you do to relax and refresh?


The Voting Survey for the 2014 Clive Staples Award had a glitch, so they will be starting over today. I will update with the proper link later this afternoon. Check out the list of books that were nominated, you might find a new favorite!


Here is the new link for voting for the Clive Staples Award. Thank you!

4 Responses to Taking a Break

  1. Clare Davidson

    I tend to get creative when I’m taking a break from writing, normally by going back to fibre crafts (knitting, crochet, spinning etc.). I’ve also been taking a bit of a step back the last few days. I think it’s necessary to recharge your creativity!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Clare! Yes, I agree! We need to recharge our creativity. I just need to remember that! Ha! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. netraptor001

    I just finished the first draft of a paranormal romance, and I’m in recharge mode. Playing some new board games, watching Frozen (over and over and over…when the Lego Movie hits video, at least we’ll have some variety!). I’m dabbling in making Minecraft videos with my son, too. Also reading again. I don’t read anything while I’m drafting, but I gulp books afterward. It’s all part of filling the tank.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      I hear ya! It is good to hear how others write, refuel, and balance life with it all. I think I need to accept that there has to be a “recharge” mode or I will make myself sick or something. Ha! That said, I just watched How To Train a Dragon. Excellent!! Loved it. I’m recharging. And I think I just found a new soundtrack to write too. 🙂 I hope to see Frozen soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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