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The Apocalypse

Posted by on June 24, 2013

WARNING: I’m so not going to touch this subject in a serious manner. There are so many opinions on this topic already with the Doomsday shows that aired on the National Geographic Channel & the Discovery Channel, and The New York Times had an article about it here, published back in March 2012. Not to mention the rise of apocalyptic and dystopian novels. We really don’t need to add my opinion to the mix of things. The reality of it all? Disheartening. The fictional stories we can dream up about it? Bring it on, as long as we can come back to a certain sense of stability…er wait a minute…

So that said, why are we talking about The Apocalypse today? Piper Bayard just celebrated the birth of her debut novel, Firebrand, and she is celebrating with a reader/blogger challenge. So check it out and have some fun!

And it’s always intriguing to explore the what ifs. What IF it was the end of the world as we know it? How would we survive? What would we need to survive? But as I have been known to say, “if its the end of the world, would it really matter?” Sorry, trying NOT to be serious here.


So what would we need?

  • One of those flashlights we shake, and it powers the battery until we shake it so hard it breaks. But it will do us good until we can figure out how to use the flint. On second thought, better make sure we pack a bunch of matches.
  • Baler twine. We’re going to need to tie stuff. Like building a shelter with tree limbs.
  • Duct tape. Where would we be without Duct tape? As Mythbusters has pointed out time and time again.
  • Seeds. Going to have to plant food stuff, but until we can get the garden planted and harvested we’ll need fake dehydrated/canned food to get us by until we figure out how to recycle those seeds. If we’re running, canned food will have to be scratched. Unless of course we’ve built a bunker. How about an underground, hydroponic garden with digital sunlight? I guess it depends whether we’re hiding from zombies or radiation.
  • Blades. Lots of blades, because our ammo is eventually going to run out. And we’ll need to cut things, maybe kill things…like zombies. So let’s add: pocket knife, hunting knife, and a sword. Gotta have a sword! Or a machete. Might as well grab a hatchet, some throwing stars, and an axe or two. How about a boomerang? A spear? Bow and Arrow? Am I missing something?
  • If it’s a zombie one? We’re screwed. But to give us an edge, we might want to consider some zombie survival kits like this one I found on Etsy. Or how about some Zombie Repellent Soap? You can even find kits on Amazon like this one.
  • Oh, and if we’ve built a bunker, we’re going to need booby traps to fight off the zombies. Sorry, kind of new to this zombie thing, what else would work? Garlic? Wait, wrong monster!
  • Hmm…what am I missing? Oh, toilet paper! Plant leaves anyone? Maybe throw in a book about distinguishing good plants from poisonous ones. Nettles, we can eat, but have to be boiled twice or was it three times? *cough* *gag*

As I’m perusing my list, I’m seeing a slight resemblance to homesteading, minus the zombies. It’s just a question of whether we’d last long enough to put it in action. Kind of hard if we’re fighting off zombies or running for our lives.

But if you think you could use an apocalypse survival kit, your in luck! Piper Bayard is giving away an awesome assortment of gear like the Swedish Fireknife. Fire? Knife? Together?! Eek! Not so sure about the bacon-in-can, though. So stop by her website and check out how to enter the Reader Challenge!

On a different note, it’s never a bad idea to be a little prepared. Never know when a blizzard will knock out your electricity for a few days and you end up making pancakes on the grill. Yes, even in Texas.

So with that, I will leave you with this. The song that plays every so often in my head and demanded to be played today. 🙂

How would you prepare for an apocalypse?

2 Responses to The Apocalypse

  1. pastorgeorgemcvey

    Myself living high in the mountians I don’t think I’ll have to much of a problem. My still (ahem water purification machine) is well hidden right where granpappy put it and since even da governmint men ain’t never found It I doubt any zombies will and no you can’t come stay with me. There aint enough hmmm purified water or sugar additives for two. 😉

    • jlmbewe

      Darn! What if I bring bacon in a can? No? well, I’m sure my friend, Lynn, will have enough space in her Colorado dream home for us. 😉

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