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The Best Redemption Story Silmaril

Posted by on July 20, 2016

Before I hand this over to our esteemed host, I want to thank everyone who participated in the nomination process and for voting. We couldn’t do this without you. Again, THANK YOU!boromir (2)

If you’ve seen the hint on the nomination post, you will have most likely guessed who will be giving away the 2016 Silmarillion Award for Best Redemption Story.

He once tasted the bitter depths of darkness and wept. But he did not remain in such disgrace. Far be it! He rose to fight that others might live, and he paid the ultimate price to do so.

Eldest son of Denethor II. Steward Prince of Gondor, Captain and High Warden of the White Tower. Valiant Warrior.

Please welcome, Boromir!

Your words are too kind for a man like me, nevertheless, I am honored to present the 2016 Silmarillion award for Best Redemption Story.

silmaril-redemption-award-mediumOne does not simply give this award to just any story. No. This jewel can only go to one that demonstrates the great transformation of a character’s life. A character, misguided or otherwise, who rises from the darkest of pits to the glorious heights of victory, displaying integrity and virtue and all that is honorable, even if one’s victory is but celebrated beyond the grave.

The 2016 Best Redemption Story Silmaril, as voted on by you, goes to . . .

Edmund Pevensie of The Chronicles of Narnia!


Thank you Boromir! And thank you, dear readers, for joining us!

And if you would like to see the final nominated candidates and the votes went, here you go!

Edmund (The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe) 45 / 37%
Eustace Clarence Scrubb (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) 28 / 23%
Kalmar Wingfeather (Wingfeather Saga) 24 / 20%
Jace (The Ilyon Chronicles) 13 / 11%
Prince Lionheart (Tales of Goldstone Wood) 12 / 10%

22 Responses to The Best Redemption Story Silmaril

  1. Pam Halter

    Congrats to Edmund and all the other winners!

  2. sparksofember

    Yay, Edmund!

  3. Deborah O'Carroll

    This post was awesome! 😀 Hurray and congrats to Edmund! ^_^

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thank you! I was a bit nervous trying to impersonate *cough* I mean hosting such an awesome character. 😉

  4. DJ Edwardson

    Ah, Edmund, you are truly deserving of this award. Fallen, disgraced, a traitor redeemed through no merit of your own. Hard to imagine a more fitting picture of real redemption.

  5. Abbey

    “One does not simply give this award to just any story…” Hahaha! That’s great!
    Wonderful presenting, Boromir. 😀
    Hurrah for Edmund! I thought he’d win.

  6. madelinejrose

    Yay for Edmund! ANOTHER WIN FOR NARNIA! ^_^

  7. Christine

    D’awww, our sweet Edmund. ^_^ A big ol’ congrats to him! His redemptive story gets me in the feels every. single. time.

  8. Jenelle

    Congratulations to Edmund! So nice to see him at the top of this list, he’s always been a favorite of mine!

  9. Tracey Dyck

    Congrats, Edmund! How I love his character arc… It mirrors our own lives so well.

    (@Christine: Just having Boromir AND Edmund in the same post is enough to get me in the feels, too.)

  10. E. E. Rawls

    45 votes for Edmund, awesome! His truly was one of the best redemption stories. 🙂 Congrats, Edmund! Take care of that beautiful Silmaril. 🙂

  11. proverbs31teen

    I figured Edmund would win, although I was rooting for (and voted for) Jace.

  12. Mary Horton

    Congratulations to Edmund! I’ve noticed the Narnia characters sweeping up all the victories and for good reason! Lewis was certainly a master wordsmith. 😀

    I loved it that Boromir did the presentation! Though it made me feel really sad when he said, “Your words are too kind for a man like me.” *sniffles* Don’t worry, Boromir, we still love you!!! <3 *hugs*

  13. Zachary Totah

    Can’t argue with this result. I think it’s a testament to Lewis’ stories that the top two characters for this category are from Narnia.

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