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Worldbuilding Wednesday: Pets

Posted by on September 30, 2015

Who doesn’t love pets???

Well…I have to be honest with you all. I’m not much of a pet person. *gasp* I really want to be…but…when a cat looks at me, I start wondering what its thinking, if its planning to slit my throat while I sleep or something. Dogs…just don’t lick me, please?

I know, horrible, right? But I LOVE the relationships I’ve seen people with their pets. As a kid I even tried to do the whole Sheena-fingers-on-the-nose thing just hoping to communicate with them. And I might have tried to pull a Crocodile Dundee on a cow once or twice. Yeah, didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong. I really, really would like a pet. And maybe someday when the kids are older and I’ve moved beyond the hey-we-survived-don’t-judge-me-I-pick-my-battles stage, then maybe we’ll get a pet. Unfortunately, my hubby and son are allergic to cats. Boo!

BS Secrets Kept ebook (400x640)So I think this desire to connect deeply with an animal may have oozed out of my subconscious and into Secrets Kept. Probably because I’ve read one too many books like The Black Stallion series, Red Fern Grows, and such. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pet like Lyra had in The Golden Compass? (Although, that wasn’t exactly a pet.)

Thus born out of my subconscious, Ayianna has a pet wolf. Her name is Liam. When Ayianna’s father uprooted their family to live among the humans, Ayianna’s brother found a wolf cub and gave her to Ayianna as a gift. Since then, she’s been Ayianna’s faithful companion. A much needed one at that.

With such a desire for pets, you’d think we’d see more pets in future works-in-progress. But alas, not so much. But who knows. All those rough drafts still need fleshing out, and if the story calls for it, we might see some more.

What is your favorite story that includes pets?

6 Responses to Worldbuilding Wednesday: Pets

  1. sparksofember

    I’m a cat person – we understand each other on a subliminal level. I love everything about them, from their furry paws and ears, to their tails and the way they wind themselves around my legs. I like how independent they are (all those things that annoy non-cat people). I love my Cali draping across my legs while I sleep and having to be very still so she doesn’t pounce on my toes.

    Dogs – not so much. I have no idea what is going on in their head and I don’t make care for their doggy odor either. We got a dog over Easter weekend and he’s done a great job turning me into a one-dog person. (He’s a cavalier king charles spaniel that was abandoned – no way were we spending that much on a dog!) God knew exactly what kind of dog would fill my daughter’s heart and worm his way into mine, But I still don’t understand him at all. And the way he’s still puppy-ishly eays *everything* and kept us up half the night last night with his upset tummy did not do him any favors. So tired today!!

    I’m trying to think of stories that include pets and am not thinking of many. I liked Hedwig and Crookshanks in Harry Potter. And they weren’t pets but I love the horses in The Horse and His Boy.

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hey! I definitely love that cats are so independent… I think if/when we do get a pet for the kids, it will be like you and your dog. I love mine, but not sure what to do about other pets. Kind of like that with kids too. 0.o

      Yes, love the pets of Harry Potter and how the school requires each student to have one. Horses are just awesome. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! And I hope you get some much needed rest!

      • sparksofember

        Haha – yes! I’m the same way with kids, too! Love my daughter to pieces but definitely not gifted or called to handle groups. I got roped into volunteering for children’s church one year and after that I told them it definitely wasn’t an area I was called to at all. My sister is and I say more power to her! 😉

  2. Rebekah Loper

    I think it’s great that we both did posts about wolves!

    In general, I haven’t focused a lot on pets in either reading or writing. The few books I’ve read with pets usually had something really bad happen to them, and I would end up in tears. Real-life pet-parenting is hard enough.

  3. Wesley Banks

    I love stories with animals! “Where the Red Fern Grows” is incredible. Also a big fan of “White Fang” and “The Inheritance Cycle.”

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Hi Wesley! Also loved White Fang. How could I forget to mention that one? Or Call of the Wild? I really enjoyed the Inheritance Cycle, but I haven’t been able to make myself read the fourth book yet. I will eventually! But the same can be said of Artemis Fowl. I LOVE Artemis Fowl, but I just now picked up the last book in that series…still reluctant to finish the journey, you know? Thanks for stopping by!

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