B is for Badara


The King’s city of the Northern Province. One of the oldest cities of the plains. It was built upon the ruins of a Pauden village–giant folk who once called the Prathae Plains home long before the tyranny of Lord Stygian. The humans suffered the least during the dark ages, in fact, they prospered. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Stygian was human. A human who caught the eye of a Ruwach, spirit-beings from Zohar. After Stygian’s fall, the humans worked hard to reestablish their reputation among the nations. And they’ve done well, for the most part.

Nowadays, Badara is known for their lovely evergreen gardens and the great market center of the north. Nations from all over have traded among the humans even as far as the merfolk in Ganya. If you like to shop, Badara is the place to get a taste of the nations. Unfortunately, you’ll find the cost a bit higher on items from the merfolk or the elves of Zurial. If that’s all you’re interested in, shopping in Zurial is recommended.


In Desert Rose, the Haruzo Princess Johari trades the sand and the heat for the cold, green lands of Badara with the hopes of redeeming the forbidden love she shared with its king. Thirty some years later,  the same king still rules, but little does he know of the plot to overthrow him or the son who lives. We will see more of this kingdom in the books to come.