Welcome writers!

Yo ho, yo ho, a writer’s life for me. 

One of the greatest lessons I learned in the writing industry is that the rules are more like guidelines, which birthed my short-lived Yo Ho group, based on a line from one of my favorite movies. Perhaps one day I will resurrect that group. But today is not that day. Ha!

When I started writing my fantasy novel I had no clue about writing and the publishing industry. I have learned so many things the hard way that I want to be able to help other writers avoid the same mistakes I made. And because you have to learn the rules before you can break them. 

Here you will find a list of blogs, books, websites, etc that I have found helpful in my writer’s journey.

Check back often as I will keep adding to the list.

Realm Makers, a writer’s conference specifically geared toward Speculative Fiction

The Rubart’s Writing Academy, a 4 day writing intensive put on by James L. Rubart

Ted Dekker’s Creative Way Course

DFWCon, a writer’s conference in Dallas/Forth Area

Agents & Editors Conference, put on by the Writer’s League of Texas

Find more at the Association of Writers & Writer’s Program

54 Pieces of Advice for Your Writer’s Conference Success by The Steve Laube Agency

Drawing Maps by WASD20, an awesome series of videos on YouTube going step by step on how to draw your map.

On Publishing & Writing by Nadine Brandes