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Character Quiz: Take this quiz and find out which character you are in the world of Nälu.

Roll-A-Hero: Create a character in Nälu. This is a game I created for one of my launch parties. The link will take you to a game you can download and print. I used dice for it, but you can use other ways to determine the numbers such as

The world of Nälu features many various types of food inspired by the cultures around us.

Secrets Kept

Food items like cheese and bread.

At the wedding feast in Bonzapur, Ayianna and her companions eat a type of flat bread such as Naan flat bread. Along with various nuts and fruits, especially dates.

Darkened Hope

Jaeger brings Ayianna and her companions a warm drink inspired by Friendship/Russian Tea.

In Ganya, Ayianna and her companions eat foods similar to egg rolls and sushi. 

Below you’ll find links to download a PDF file with discussion questions to help you dig deeper into the story. If you have any questions or trouble downloading the documents, please contact me! Thanks!

Secrets Kept

Darkened Hope