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T is for Thzaj Prophecy

Posted by on December 10, 2014

T is for Thzaj ProphecyThe Thzaj Prophecy

When the unholy union between Lord Stygian and the Queen of the Underworld was severed and the Perimeter was established, the Sacred Pearl gave Nälu a warning.

In Secrets Kept, High Guardian Saeed believes the Sorceress seeks to fulfill the first part of the prophecy, but first she must find the dagger.

Below is the translation from Táchil, recorded in the Book of Records and in the Thraryn.



The morning star shined in the dark,
blinding the sighted.
Death and her loyal subjects were defeated,
but in shadows, they remain.
Twice more Zohar’s star will shine,
But let not death find him, nor the dagger.
So listen well, Guardians of Nälu,
Guard the dagger that in slewing released the star
Lest it be found and the enemy unbound.

Oh, Nälu, you wax old like a garment.
Strength and hope will falter.
The perimeter will fail.
The enemy of old will arise,
But one will bear the Shield of Chai
And make the nine stones one.
Then the morning star will return
To vanquish once and for all.
This will be the end of Nälu.


A is for Arashel
B is for Badara
C is for The Corrupted Dagger
D is for Dwarves
E is for Elves
F is for Food
G is for Guardians
H is for Haruzo, the Feline Shapeshifters
I is for Inganno
J is for Jungle
K is for Kaleki, the Merfolk 
L is for Land & Languages
M is for Manoa Stones
N is for Nganjo
O was skipped because I realized it would end up being the same for V.
P is for Pauden, the Giants
Q is for Queen of the Underworld
R is for Ruwachs
S is for Sacred Pearl

2 Responses to T is for Thzaj Prophecy

  1. Kessie

    Very nice! Was it hard to come up with the poem, or are you good at poetry? (I’m not.)

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thanks Kessie, I used to write a lot of poetry, but I doubt it was any good. I hadn’t thought about the prophecy being poetry. ha! I really can’t remember if it was hard or not, because it’s been so long since I had worked on it. I’ve been working on this world since 2003. 🙂

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