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Post Launch Thanks

Happy Wednesday! May was a crazy, amazing month. We launched Darkened Hope out into the world and celebrated online and offline. I am so thankful for everyone who helped me make it a success! To everyone who shared about the book’s release and the giveaways, thank you! And thank you, my fellow adventurers who went … Continue reading »

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Darkened Hope: Interrupted

Greetings fellow adventurers! How was your weekend? Mine? A little eventful. A tornado passed near our house Friday night and we were without electricity the rest of the night and on into Saturday. Nothing like nature and no power to rearrange your priorities and mess with to-do lists and deadlines, right? But hey, we grilled … Continue reading »

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Creative Careers

Sometimes I sit back and think: What am I doing? I’m sure many creatives struggle with balancing reality with dreams. Chasing desires of expression and art. How does art fit in with our world of jobs and bills and responsibilities? It’s an interesting contemplation. One, I think, circles forever and could very well make us … Continue reading »

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Creatives at Work

Earlier this month, Kristen Lamb blogged: A Culture Addicted to FREE: How Free is Poisoning the Internet and Killing the Creatives. It’s a good, thought-provoking article. The mentality of wanting something for nothing isn’t new. It’s tempting, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want something for free or get a good deal on it? I know deep down … Continue reading »

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The days can be dark and dirty and messy and long. So I’m on a mission to find beauty in the ordinary. In my quest to live a life balanced between reality and dreams, I’m discovering how much I’m out of balance. Ha! Maybe it’s the bulldog mentality of my determination to share all these … Continue reading »

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Quote: Forget to Live

To dream, yes, but don’t forget to do! Be. Live. One of my favorite quotes from Harry Potter. Have a great weekend!

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Juggling Worlds & Kiddos

Greetings adventurers! The time has come for juggling worlds, fiery irons, and kiddos. The days grow darker, shorter. And here I am in the deep end, barely keeping my head above the water. In other words. FALL is here! Hello old, established routine. Oh, how I’ve missed you! Wait, what? What about summer? No, summer … Continue reading »

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Summer begins!

Happy end of the school year!!! I know, I know, we are a little late to the party. Bad weather and all. But, oh my, where has this time gone? Can you believe it’s already June?! My son has finished kindergarten. It seems like only yesterday I was bawling my eyes out as he started preschool. I … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: Pursuing Dreams

Happy Friday! This week Lynn Donovan celebrates her fifth cover reveal! Talk about prolific! (Since we started this journey together and I’m still on my first. Ha!) So I invited her over today share a little about pursuing dreams. So without further ado: Please welcome, Lynn Donovan! Thank you, Jennette, for having me on your … Continue reading »

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The Inevitable

Happy Friday y’all! What a crazy month February has been! I still look back and wonder what happened. I had started out so strong with goals and plans and lists. Unfortunately, it all went south. Fast. It might have had something to do with 10 days of back-to-back meetings, three major shopping trips, and a … Continue reading »

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