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Desmond’s Demise

Greetings fellow adventurers! Welcome to Desmond’s Demise. We have four creative ways Desmond is eliminated from the story. Please vote for your favorite and I will announce the winner on Friday. In case of a tie, I will pick a name from a hat. And in the case of one person winning both Desmond’s Demise … Continue reading »

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Meet Kael

Oh, Kael, Kael, Kael. *shaking my head* Where do I even begin? Sometimes, I just want to shake him. Knock him over the head with a 2 x 4 and say, DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING to yourself and those around you??? But he can’t. Because he is hurting. Hurt people hurt people. … Continue reading »

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A Place in this World

As I’ve looked over this journey to publication and all the stories I’ve written, am writing, and plan to write, I’ve discovered a common thread. Each of my protagonists are looking for a place in their world, their purpose, their identity. In Secrets Kept, we have Ayianna. As a young child, she was uprooted from … Continue reading »

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Meet Ayianna

If you haven’t read Secrets Kept, let me introduce you to Ayianna. She is a young half-elf who once lived among the elves of Zurial, that is until her parents decided to uproot her and her brother, Teron, and move to the northern plains to live among the humans, her mother’s people. She couldn’t have … Continue reading »

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Birthday Bash Giveaway!

***UPDATE*** The winners have been selected! Thank you all so much for participating! *** Greetings Fellow Adventurers! The advance reader copies have arrived! And they are gorgeous!!! Since March is my birthday month, I decided to throw a birthday bash, starting today! I wanted to call it March Madness, but that name is already taken. … Continue reading »

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Cyber Monday Sale

Happy Monday! Hope you all are well! I’m recuperating. From National Novel Writing Month. Ha! Saturday evening I typed THE END on Clans Divided, but I didn’t reach the 50K to win. I would love to share this story with you all by the end of next year, but we shall see! This will be … Continue reading »

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Post Party Recuperation

I really wanted to get this post out to you all at the usual time, but I was WIPED out from all the fun we had the at the Facebook Party. I’m still tired, but I’m pushing through. First. For those who came: THANK YOU! It was AMAZING. I think I’m still lingering in the … Continue reading »

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Goodreads Giveaway: Secrets Kept

Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s October already. This year has gone by so fast! October is a special month for me. It marks the changing of the seasons, more so when I was in Minnesota, and it’s the beginning of all the fun foods here. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Three months of awesome food … Continue reading »

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Worldbuilding Wednesday: Pets

Who doesn’t love pets??? Well…I have to be honest with you all. I’m not much of a pet person. *gasp* I really want to be…but…when a cat looks at me, I start wondering what its thinking, if its planning to slit my throat while I sleep or something. Dogs…just don’t lick me, please? I know, horrible, … Continue reading »

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FB Party & A Sale

September is flying by! And we’re about to slam in to October, then the holidays. Boom. The year will be gone. Crazy how fast the time goes. Can you believe Secrets Kept will be two in October??? And just like I promised, we are going to celebrate! Secrets Kept will be on sale over on … Continue reading »

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