Coming Soon: Secrets Kept Read-Along!

Happy Monday!

(I may have had too much caffeine while writing this.)

Some awesome things are coming!

If you are subscribed to my tribe letter, then you probably already know some of this. 

First, Curse Bound is going to be here THIS summer! So to celebrate and to refresh our memories, (because it’s been THREE years since we left Kael and the survivors on an island on the other side of Nälu!!!) we are going to do TWO read-alongs! We will be begin reading Secrets Kept in April. And then Darkened Hope in May. 

It will be like a big party for the next few months. Ha!

The event will take place in my reader’s group on Facebook. I’ll be sharing information from behind-the-scenes and fun tidbits about the books as well as sneak peeks into Curse Bound.  Plus there’ll be giveaways! I do hope you will join us! Invite a friend and bring your questions. We might even do a live video Q & A session at the end of the month!

Click here or the image below to join the group!

Hope to see you there!

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