Blog Tour & Interview: Retrieve

Happy Monday! Today,Sarah Addison-Fox is joining us to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Retrieve. 

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The Book

What if the job you took to stay alive might be what kills you?

Kade’s footsteps were heavy as he approached and stared down at her. “This isn’t going to work. You need to be wearing something lighter, or we’ll never make it to Lazen.”

Hadley tried for a weak shrug but could barely muster the energy. “What do you suggest?”

Kade raised an eyebrow, and a deep frown appeared on his face as he considered her.  He continued to stare at her as she sat, legs sprawled out on the ground. “The best I can come up with is cutting your clothing.”

His eyes narrowed as he searched the length of her. A bolt of alarm jostled her into thinking. “How much are you cutting off?”

Kade dipped his chin, his voice low as he spoke. “Enough, so you don’t keep fainting, enough, so you still pass for a boy.”

He reached for a knife and wore the slightest of smiles as he unsheathed it. “Let’s hope you have hairy legs then eh?”

Hadley’s lips split into a smile before she remembered she was annoyed with him for being so smug.


The Author

Sarah Addison-Fox is a New Zealand-born misfit who writes action-packed fantasy with a smattering of punch ups, mega amounts of romance and a dash of family values. She has an astonishing amount of nail polish, has all her creative writing credentials shoved in a drawer somewhere, and has a husband who, after 28 years, can still make her blush. When she’s not working on her YA fantasy romance series’ she can be found binge watching Mission Impossible movies, drinking lager and eating curry.

The Interview

Please welcome, Sarah Addison-Fox!

In what ways is Retrieve similar/different to your previous books? 

After the family centred Allegiance Series I purposely wrote The Stormers Trilogy to be completely different in tone and to be a better reflection of what I like to read the most, namely action and adventure and slow burning romance. *wink wink*  

So, while there are themes of family and very subtle elements of faith in Retrieve, it’s a step away from a quaint setting and more into a bare knuckle, fight for survival stories, that I truly live to write.

What’s one thing you’d like readers to walk away with after reading Retrieve? 

A desire to buy the next book! Can I say that? Too late. I did. *chuckles*

Your bio caught my eye, so I have to ask. How many bottles of nail polish do you have? What’s your favorite brand or color?

I LOVE this question!

As of last count I have 27 bottles of nail polish, but I’m feeling the urge to buy, so it’ll most likely grow over the next few weeks. Most are by OPI or Essie, but I recently discovered that Maybelline Gel 7 Day, from the supermarket outlasts the more spendier brands, so that trumps everything really.

Oooh, favourite colour, that’s tough. I love dark colours the most, so out of my OPI collection I’d say Light my Sapphire.  But red is always good. Dark red even better.

And curry. My husband introduced me to curry when we first met and I love it. What is your favorite curry dish? 

Hahaha. I am SO glad you like curry too. My favourite would have to be Palak Paneer. Runner up would be butter chicken, which is also a family favourite. I don’t know anyone who’s tried butter chicken and not liked it. 

Okay, so now I want curry…and to go paint my nails *grins*

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Does traveling back in time count? 

I’d just go back to my teen years to tell myself to stop using sunbeds, to stop dieting, and to start being kinder to myself. 

Thank you so much for having me!


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