Camp NaNo 2020

Happy first day of July.



Things still are interesting around here, closed down, limited in our outings, busy, but not busy. Still trying to make the most of this strange limbo season.

So I decided to dive into Camp National Novel Writing Month. Just like the November one, but in July. Where we should technically be able to manage our time better and WRITE. Plus it gives us the flexibility to choose our goals rather than just writing a 50,000 word novel.  Except. That is what I am planning to do. 50,000 words in 30 days. 

So naturally, I hop on my blog to write about it instead of actually writing words that will count toward the goal. Because….I am trying to get unstuck. Ha! But I DID add 162 words. Yea me.

I am hoping this will give me the accountability to write hard and write fast the first rough draft–dirty draft–as another writer had described it–the SECOND book in this YA fantasy trilogy I’m working on. Yep. After rewriting the first book, I decided to tackle the next two books before I start the revision process. BUT I’m only 7,000 words in. I was hoping to be further along, but it is what it is, and as long as I keep pressing ONWARD little by little, we will get there.

Anyone else tackling a crazy project during these uncertain times?

Oh, and I need to learn how to sew some face mask. I’ll be needing them for my job. 😮  TWO crazy projects this month. Ha!