Character: Semine

Semine wasn’t always a sorceress. In fact, she used to want to be a guardian. Abandoned on the steps of Dagmar, Semine was raised by Saeed and the other guardians. Knowing nothing else, she aimed to follow in their footsteps.

The short story, Dragon Thief, shares the pivotal moment she decides to walk away from it all. It isn’t an easy read, and a few people don’t like this story. I understand! Who wants to watch a train derail? But her story breaks my heart. Semine was decieved by someone she trusted. A mentor. Someone who was supposed to guide her and protect her. Instead, he plants half-truths until the lies crowd out and strangle the truth. Semine serves the goddess Raezana, the disgraced ruwach from Zohar, and will do everything in her power to release Raezana from her confines within the underworld. Semine believes the goddess was wrongly inprisoned and that she will bask in the goddess’s glory when she is finally free. Unfortunately, Raezana does not share her glory. But that’s a story for another time.