Cover Reveal: Twas an Evening in Bethlehem

Hello fellow adventurers!

It’s never too early to talk about Christmas, is it? My favorite time of the year is October through December. And with this heat here in Texas, I am READY for the fall/winter!

When Jenelle Leanne Schmidt shared that she was putting together a children’s book for Christmas, I jumped at the chance to be part of her cover reveal. I can’t wait to read her book with the kids. 

So without further ado:

The Cover

Twas an evening in Bethlehem and all through the day

Many guests were arriving from far, far away…

The inn is full, but when a young, expectant couple arrives, the innkeeper cannot turn them away. Follow this beloved tale through the eyes of the innkeeper’s young daughter as she witnesses the glorious surprises of that very first Christmas and rediscover anew the gift of the manger that ultimately points us to the cross.

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Release date: October 1st!

The Author

Jenelle Leanne Schmidt first fell in love with stories through her father’s voice reading aloud to her before bed each night. A dreamer and relentless opener of doors in hopes of someday finding a passage to Narnia, it was only natural that she soon began making up fantastical realms of her own. The award-winning author has published four books in The Minstrel’s Song series as well as a couple of short stories. She resides in the wintry tundra of Wisconsin with her husband and their four adorable children who are all named after characters in The Lord of the Rings.

Learn more about her and her books on her website. 

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  1. NanJ says:

    Thank you for sharing this news! I see that Jenelle now has a “Pre-Order Form” available until September 23, 2019 for anyone desiring to have her autograph/personalize this book. 🙂

    1. jlmbewe says:

      Awesome, thanks for letting me know!

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