E is for Elves

There are three distinct ethnic groups of elves in Nälu. The Esusamor, Saryhemor, and Wofsemor. They speak the common tongue of Nälu, their dialect of Zjótharyn, and most of the older generations are familiar with the ancient language of Táchil. Aside from the merfolk, they are the longest living beings in Nälu.

The Esusamor live in Zurial on the coast of the Dzitaryn Sea. These elves are darker skinned with ebony black hair and no facial hair aside from their eyebrows. They are most known for the Nu’mraryzi, the stargazers and their ability to read the celestial patterns of the stars and planets. And not so favorably known as the nation who has produced the most pirates, except maybe the Wofsemor elves. During the dark age of Lord Stygian’s rule, Zurial had gone much unnoticed living in relative peace, and it was an Esusamor elf who was chosen to guard the dagger after the fall of Stygian, but more about that later.

Kael and Ayianna are Esusamor elves.

Saryhemor elves live where the Ruzat Mountains meet the Zriab Desert. They are the darkest of the elves with curly dark hair, and unlike the other elves, they can grow a beard and a moustache. They take pride in breeding the fastest horses in Nälu. Unfortunately, the desert elves endured the full brunt of Lord Stygian’s tyranny, but not the torture. That was reserved for the Wofsemor.

Saeed, the High Guardian, and the Headmaster of the School of Nevins is a Saryhemor elf.

Wofsemor elves reside in the forest of Striisa Vaar and lay claim to the pirate haven of Zjohedaryn. Sometimes they are referred to as the white elf. Because of their pale skin, white-blond hair, and violet eyes, they were hunted down by Stygian’s patrols. Thus the Wofsemor drew deeper within Striisa Vaar. Once a year, they send a band of delegates and merchants to the Saryhemor’s capital city. They are most known for their silk weaves they bring to trade on those occasions.

We catch a glimpse of these elves in the short story, Indestructible, when Elothryn and his son attempt to ask the Wofsemor elves for help.

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