Happy Monday!

It is FINALLY cooling off down here and starting to sort of feel like fall. I am so ready for jeans and flannel and long-sleeved shirts. Ha!

We are in the thick of life right now. Almost got a new routine down with the kids in school and all, but then the holidays will hit and I’ll be like, what routine? 

I am writing! It feels so good and I’m so excited about this story. Even when I hit bumps and stall out for a few days where I had to rewrite three chapters. I’m almost done reworking those scenes. Joy! I am really trying to get this story done by the end of October, so I can dive into the sequel for National Novel Writing Month. Eeeeeek! My goal is to knock out all three books before beginning the editing on the first book.

And I’ve been somewhat consistent with Inktober. I love it so much, I hate to stop. I don’t know if I can keep it up without the camaraderie of fellow inktoberers, but I am going to try!

This week I will be at my kids’ school sharing about writing and the writing industry at career day.  

AND I am gearing up for my first epic presentation for junior high and high school students at a convention our school district puts on. I will be presenting on worldbuilding and mapmaking. I’m so excited and nervous. Ha! 

Anyways, that’s what’s been happening around here. How about you?

Now, go have an adventure, read a book!