It is Written!

When one finishes writing the first book to another trilogy, one does not write “THE END”, one writes, TO BE CONTINUED…

The first book to another trilogy is written! I’m a little crazy, probably should go make dinner now, but who needs to eat???

 I took the skeletal remains of my 2009 National Novel Writing Month manuscript and rewrote the entire thing. It looks NOTHING like the original. Some echos of another time and place linger, but what is done is done, and we shall see what the alpha readers will think. I am well aware of its need for revisions and feedback from others, but for now, let me bask in this warm, crazy feeling. I am done.

What to do now??? As much as I want to dig into the story right away, I need to distance myself. I might tackle world-building and plotting for another series I’m writing. I might read. I might sleep. 

AND then begins the dirty work. Getting in there, cutting, adding, reshaping, rereading it a million times. Ha! I’ll keep y’all posted.

Happy weekend y’all!

2 thoughts on “It is Written!

  1. Kessie says:

    Congrats on finishing! That’s huge! How long did this one take?

    1. jlmbewe says:

      Thank you! I’m not sure. I NEED to keep better track. I’ve tried to start rewriting it back in 2012, but nothing ever gained traction. Of course, it would gain traction NOW because I had wanted to tackle my murder mystery fantasy series instead. Ha! I seriously sat down with it sometime last September in 2019 with about 20,000 words from the previous attempts, which I was able to use some of it with this rewrite. So….about eight months. And that included stopping in the middle and going back and rewriting the beginning, working my way back to where I had stopped. So not as long as I had thought! But we’ll see how much revisions it will need! Thanks for stopping by!

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