J is for Jungle

The Rimanga Jungle

originally posted with Prism Book Tours

To the west of the Kha Vaaro Mountain Range lies the Rimanga Jungle. It is your typical jungle with the various layers of trees, vegetation, life, and rain. Beneath the verdant canopy and lush vegetation, an array of life can be found here. From the great blue parrot to the wingless dragon to the creepy crawlies, and to the more recently discovered natives.

On his travels out west, Tariq, the nephew of Queen Emani, came across a tribe of miniscule people living deep in the heart of the jungle. The Chno-wadu pygmy tribes. An encounter he hopes to not repeat again.

But something else stalks the shadows. The few people who have traveled to the heart of the jungle claim they have seen a beast as dark as night with eyes that glow. It hunts in packs and can walk upright like a man. Many have dismissed these claims, saying the beast is only a giant gorilla. But the natives do not. They build their homes high in the trees, out of reach from a creature they call dudzuchi klhordan. And it is not a gorilla.

As the story continues in Darkened Hope, Ayianna and her companions descend from the icy peaks of Kha Vaaro and into the humid climate of the jungle, searching for the Keyon River that will lead them closer to the merfolk, the Island of Moruya, and the ingredients they need for the tonic. Much is left unknown of the jungle, but Tariq volunteers to guide them and tries to prepare them for the worse. Only they have no idea what they are up against.