N is for Nganjo

To the far north lies a land of mystery and the profane. Nganjo. A place where the barrier between the living and the dead is the thinnest. Where the vilest of creatures bred by Lord Stygian continue to survive. Where harpies and trolls thrive. This is their home. And they answer to Nach–the Harpy Lord. You would think, teetering on the edge of the Abyss, he would be in cahoots with the queen of the underworld, but he is not. Still her influence remains, poisoning the land and all who reside here.

The northern land of Nälu has not always been like this, but no one can remember a time it wasn’t. After the great battle of Raemoja, Stygian and his men retreated to the north. The Alliance set up a perimeter aided by the power of the Manoa stones, and no evil thing could cross back over. Thus Nganjo was established. Ever since then, the inhabitants, living or dead, continue to amass, waiting for the weakening of the Manoa stones, when they can finally break through and once again roam the lands of Nälu freely. A time will come, it is said, in which they will bring an end to all things, to all of Nälu. They will be the army of the underworld, doing the bidding of its queen. But until that day arrives, the land and its habitants burn in their hatred, desiring revenge for what was stolen from them. A desire fueled by the queen’s own loss.

No one has crossed over in years and lived to tell about it, that is, until Ayianna and her companions stumbled into it.

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