Q is for Queen

The ever elusive Queen of the Underworld.

She burrows tunnels through the underworld searching for a portal, a weakening of the barrier between the living and the dead. Scratching beneath the surface of the land, yearning to break through. Sometimes during the coldest days of winter, when all is quiet and the fabric between the worlds is the thinnest, you might hear her scratching.

Who is she? Could she be the Ruwach that fell in love with a human? Raezana, the beautiful. Whose heart turned from Zohar to create her own empire?  Was she a lover spurned? Or did life and death separate him from her? For what mortal can equal an immortal?

Or is she someone even more sinister?

Taethza. She birthed the Toas Dikon. Tainted the land and the people. Waiting, scheming, looking for an ear ready to hear her whisperings, her scratching. Her desire? Revenge. To destroy all of Nälu. For if she can’t enjoy it, who should?

Perhaps, they are one in the same. But only time will tell.