Short Story: Indestructible

Hello dear readers! 

Will you be able to see the solar eclipse where you are?

We are in the path of totality!  Although, we are forecasted to have clouds. So we shall see!

Unfortunately, I will be at work and not with my family, but I will still get to see it. Hopefully. You never now when you’re working with elementary students. Ha! Our whole day will be built around learning about the eclipse and going outside to watch it and making sure our kiddos keep their glasses on. Here’s hoping for a day of grace and wonder!

Now on to the next short story!

I love this story so much! 

This story features Ayianna’s grandfather, Lord Elothryn, and her father, Arlyn. Elothryn is weary from the crushing weight of this burden that he must bear and eventually pass on to his son. Unfortunately, the hunters have their scent. They are on the run, trying to stay ahead of those who hunt them and searching for a way to destroy the corrupted dagger. 

Here, we meet the elusive white elves of Striisa Vaar and the Stozic Dwarves in Kvazkhun. We see where Elothryn hides the dagger, barely keeping it from the sorceress. 

A lot of my short stories have theme songs, and this one is Worn by Tenth Avenue North, which became my theme song while I wrote his story. I’m not sure if it was his song first or mine. Ha!

Have you heard this song?

I could listen to it on repeat. And have!

To what lengths would you go to the save the world?

Elothryn keeps the darkest secret of Nälu: The cursed dagger of Raemoja. A weapon powerful enough to release the greatest evil from the underworld. For generations, his family has lived without incident until now. The hunters have his scent and will stop at nothing to reclaim the dagger. Elothryn and his son flee, seeking help, but will they find it?

Hope you have a great week!