V is for Vituko

Vituko. The Shadow God of the Guardians. The eternal King of Zohar. Overseer of the Chai. He breathed the Yenzo Tanil to life and bestowed these gifts upon the first Guardian Circle. He shaped the worlds and sent them spinning. He spoke the silver threads into being that pour from Mount Himmel and flow into the golden bowls of Zohar.

No one has seen him, except Trygg, a Saryhemor elf. The only being to enter Zohar and return, and who paid the ultimate price to do so. Trygg described the King of Zohar like deep darkness, like ebony clouds hovering over the mountains and thus called him, Vituko. The Shadow God. For he could not speak the true name of the Shadow God.

Nowadays in Nälu, he goes by many names. The elves call him Osaryn–the True One. The merfolk call him Akonamalihi–The All Powerful One. The Haruzo call him Parzanah or Parzan–Like a Father. And the dwarves call him Kvamiig–Savior. For he gave Trygg the shield of Zohar that overpowered Lord Stygian, and he will once and for all save the people from the Queen of the Underworld, bringing about the end of Nälu.

But it is not yet that time, or so the guardians hope.