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M is for Manoa Stones

Posted by on October 8, 2014

M is for Manoa Stones

At the northern edge of Nälu, stands four pillars. Round orbs like giant pearls perch atop the pillars creating an invisible perimeter which holds back the evil that once poisoned the lives and lands of Nälu. Golden gryphons from Zohar are said to stand guard over the Manoa Stones. None who set eyes upon them and live except for their caretakers.

But where did the Manoa Stones come from?

Some say they came from the land beyond, a gift from Zohar. The merfolk claim their healing waters gave birth to them over a thousand years ago. But none since have appeared in their underwater garden. Manoa is the merfolk’s word for hope. For that is what their presence has brought the nations of Nälu.

In Secrets Kept, Headmaster and High Guardian Saeed sends Nerissa to inspect the Perimeter. And in Dragon Thief, the merfolk celebrate the Manoa Stones with much singing, dancing, and feasting, above water and beneath. Even the dragons join in.

During the great battle of Raemoja, the unholy union between Stygian and Raezana was severed, yet the battle raged on. Stygian, even without the supernatural aid of Raezana, still had the Dwäza, and they were bent on destroying the Alliance.

Then the merfolk and their dragons appeared, bringing with them the four Manoa Stones. As the Alliance pushed their enemy north, the stones prohibited the enemy from regaining the ground they had lost. Pillars were later erected and the stones placed on top.

But the power of the Manoa Stones will not last forever. It will eventually weaken, and what then, will the Guardians do? But for now, the Perimeter remains strong and the Guardians have other problems on their hands, such as the Corrupted Dagger falling into the wrong hands.


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6 Responses to M is for Manoa Stones

  1. Kessie

    Very cool! I’m enjoying your world building series. So are they stones, or pearls?

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Awesome, thanks! And they are neither. They actually grew from seeds, so they could be a type of seed or “fruit” from the plant. 😉 But they are round like pearls and hard like stone. So the people called them stones.

  2. Kassandra Lamb

    I am so impressed with your world-building. I have enough trouble with “real” settings in my books. But I love well-drawn fantasy worlds where everything makes sense–in that world. Great job!!

    • J.L. Mbewe

      Thanks Kassandra! I have never tried my hand at real world settings before…I’d be afraid I’d get something wrong. 🙂

      • Kassandra Lamb

        That is a risk, and readers who are familiar with the locale you are using are quick to let you know if you do.

        • J.L. Mbewe

          Yep! I would have to do some serious research. Travel if I could. But I prefer historical stories, so that would be a bit hard. Even in the research I’ve done for building the world of Nälu, there were disagreements or assumptions about things, that if I was writing historical fiction set during the medieval ages, I could easily get something wrong. Thanks for stopping by!

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