Character Sketches

Happy Friday!

We are two weeks into the read-along! How’s it going? Are you reading along with us? 

Next week, I’ll start posting some of the questions and other fun stuff. But today, I wanted to share one of my hobbies with you.

I love creating, whether it’s through words or art or something else. So one of my hobbies is drawing. I used to sketch all the time. Now days, its mostly doodles on our church’s bulletin. 😮 I have attempted #inktober a few times (where you sketch in ink a new drawing each day), but never quite completed the whole month. Maybe this year will be different. Although, October is way too far in the future for me to think about right now. Ha!

I’m not the greatest at it, but sometimes, I surprise myself.

A few years ago, I sat down and sketched the faces of some of my characters. Although, I don’t feel like I could do it again. Weird, eh?

What is one of YOUR hobbies?