D is for Dwarves

In Nälu, there are three dwarven clans. Igazin. Klovan. Stozic. All three speak a varied dialect of Tarôc. 

The Klovan dwarf clan call Kvakric Forest their home, with Stratuvec being the king’s city. These dwarves are darker skinned and prefer to wear practical, natural colored clothes, as opposed to the Igazin’s bold, frilly attire. They are most known for their decorative wood-carvings, although the Guardian Hadrian would claim they make the best goat-cheese. Of course, the desert elves would disagree. Too bland they would say.

During Stygian’s reign, the Klovan maintained a strong defense against the dwäza raids, but much of Stygian’s focus was on the Igazin. The masters of weaponry and “corrupting” a blade. A man bent on ruling the nations needed such as these and enslaved many of them. The rest fled to the mountains of Kha Vaaro and built the hidden city of Ta’vazi. Years after the fall of Stygian, the clan broke into civil war. The ones remaining in Ta’vazi called themselves the Stozic clan and cut themselves off from the rest of the clans.

The Igazin dwarves returned to Kvazkhun, rebuilt their city, and participated in the reconstruction of Nälu. The Igazin are known for their elaborate colorful mosaics and their bears. At one time, many of the dwarves rode the bear. As time passed the number of bears dwindled, and they became restricted to be used only for the king’s warriors. Each year, the Igazin dwarves hold a weeklong celebration called the Dakkarc na Klogs, filled with joisting tournaments, battle reenactments, and the king’s warriors demonstrating their skills upon their bear mounts. There are even sporting events where civilians can test their own skill such as axe throwing, bear wrangling, and various strength tests, especially since the dwarves take pride in their extraordinary physical might, second only to the giants.

Years and bitterness have distanced the Stozic dwarves from their cousins in Kvazkhun. They do not venture far from the highlands, and they limit contact with the outside world. They maintain a working relationship with  Arashel, especially anything their shared responsibility of a Perimeter post and the care of its Manoa Stone.

Their capital city, Ta’vazi, is built right into the side of the mountain much like the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.  Aside from the wonder of their magnificent city, they are also known for the precious stones and metal they mine from the mountains, exporting most of it.

The Guardians respect the Stozic dwarves split from Igazin, but hope they will return to the Council of Nations in the future. At this point, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. Maybe give them another couple of hundred years. We shall see.

In Secrets Kept, we meet Hadrian, one of the guardians, but we don’t really get to visit any of the dwarven cities or explore the dwarven culture.

In Darkened Hope, Ayianna and her companions stumble upon a highland dwarf patrol and land in the dungeons of Ta’vazi. There we meet Jaeger who joins their quest with the hopes of meeting his father.

In Indestructible, Lord Elothryn and his son, Arlyn, flee to the dwarven city seeking to destroy the corrupted dagger. Here we get a better glimpse of the colorful mosaics adorning their homes and businesses and of the food they enjoy.

In Clans Divided, we finally have the opportunity to see Ta’vazi in all its glory. The main fortress is hidden away inside the mountain and is big enough to house the entire Stozic clan.

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