Cover Reveal: Iggy & Oz Plastic Dinos of Doom

My son LOVES dinos. We recently went to Peter Piper Pizza with ticket games galore. He had over 500 tickets and spent ALL of them on nearly 30 plastic dinosaurs. The man behind the ticket counter was like, are you serious? Yes, yes, he was. 

So when I saw that J. J. Johnson was coming out with a middle grade novel on plastic dinos coming life and the mayhem that ensues, I had to check it out. For my son, of course.

So without further ado, here is the cover! The book will be here September 9th!

The Cover

The Book

If you want to know about Iggy & Oz- Just think

Iggy Risner is a typical wise-cracking twelve year old. When his younger brother Oz, wakes him in the middle of the night claiming he heard a monster in the attic, Iggy takes him upstairs to prove him wrong. But instead of a flesh-eating beast, they discover hundreds of plastic dinosaurs that have mysteriously come to life.

When the dinos escape the attic and start terrorizing young kids in the neighborhood, and trampling flower beds, somehow Iggy, Oz, and their friends must catch the plastic dinos of doom before the damage escalates. But when your parent’s doubt your story, and a group of clueless neighborhood bullies stand in the way, catching the little beast is easier said than done.

The Author

JJ Johnson is a Spec author, Blogger, Social Media Junkie, and Comic Book Lover!!! A native of Oklahoma he currently resides in Edmond Oklahoma with his wife Ashley & two sons.

JJ was born and graduated from the back water fields of Pryor Creek Oklahoma. He has been writing for nearly seven years… He has written dozens of short stories and novellas. 

His short story “Compulsion” & “My Friend Louie” are available as an eBook for $0.99 on Kindle…

Connect with him online:

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