Phoenix Fire Cover Reveal

Hello readers! 

Today, I am helping SD Grimm reveal the new cover of her young adult urban fantasy novel, Phoenix Fire! If you like stories about monster hunters with super powers, found family, siblings,  and characters battling inner monsters, read on to learn more!

Phoenix Fire

When the past comes knocking, think twice about opening the door.

Orphaned Ava Elderson is a Phoenix—a monster hunter created to protect the human race—but she’s without her most valuable asset—knowledge of what she is. Phoenix powers? A mystery. Past memories? Locked away. Worse, she’s unaware of the great evil searching to destroy her and enslave all humanity.

When Ava’s memories begin to resurface, she finds herself torn between the family she’s always wanted and the love of her life. But she’ll lose it all if she fails to unlock her powerful Phoenix fire before she faces the dark creature on her tail. Failure means dooming what’s left of her entire race to extinction—including her newfound brothers—and leaving the humans helpless—oh, and . . . she’s out of restarts.

The Cover!

book cover with a phoenix on the front

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Fire Cover Reveal

  1. Kessie says:

    Oh wow, that is a really interesting cover style! It’s like paper cutouts!

    1. jlmbewe says:

      Right?! I thought it was pretty cool looking.

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