Clans Divided is here!

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Today, is the day! Clans Divided is finally here!

Follow a young Hadrian into the hidden city of the highland dwarves. (But this time we get a better glimpse than just the dungeons!)  With a peace treaty on the line, he gets swept up into politics and matters of the heart, which has him questioning his life choices.

This novella is a little different than the other short stories within the Tales of Nälu series. While most of the other stories focused on events that directly impacted  the characters leading up to the opening scene of Secrets Kept, this one is a little more subtle. Like A Princess No More, we will see how Hadrian’s choices plays a part in Darkened Hope, rather than in Secrets Kept. 

So without further ado…….

Two Clans, One Heart

Hadrian is a young dwarf with aspirations to see his divided clans living in peace again. As an apprentice to the guardians, he travels to the hidden city for the first gathering of clans in centuries, but when he is barred from the meetings, he meets Princess Avaline and considers abandoning his apprenticeship. Not everyone wants to see the clans unite. When Hadrian overhears someone plotting to kill Avaline’s family, he is determined to stop the assassins and gain the trust of her father.

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